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Wirecard North America

ISO/MLS contact:

Ross Freedman
Principal, Sales & Business Development

Article originally appeared in The Green Sheet Issue 180301

Secure, omnichannel POS ecosystem

W irecard brings a heritage of innovation to the U.S. market. The company's smart data and predictive analytics enable merchants to anticipate trends and react quickly to opportunities; its diversified technology suite includes real-time reporting and cross-border, omnichannel solutions, company representatives stated. These solutions are designed to simplify and enhance all aspects of issuing, acquiring and value-added services implementation.

Wirecard North America is part of Wirecard AG, which supports companies in accepting electronic payments from multiple sales channels worldwide. "At Wirecard, we're able to go beyond payments as we know it," said Deirdre Ives, Managing Partner at Wirecard North America. "We've got massive global reach, as well as equal capabilities in issuing, acquiring, and digital value-added solutions. We're envisioning a future where payments really are seamless, borderless and woven into our lives."

Ives said Wirecard has made smart acquisitions in major regions around the world, leaving management in place and relying on their expertise in each market. She previously led a series of commercial card and electronic payment initiatives for Citi Prepaid Services, which Wirecard acquired in 2017. She and her team are now helping North American partners leverage Wirecard's global network and expertise to compete in the increasingly global payments market.

Customizable technology suite

Wirecard combines issuing and payments expertise with worldwide mobile solutions, ecommerce and acquiring. The company described its scalable, innovation-driven solutions as follows:

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