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Castles Technology was founded in April 1993 in Taipei, Taiwan. A strong, protective fortress was the inspiration for its name and expanding line of POS solutions designed to be secure, reliable and innovative. The company believes its adept engineering and time-tested technology reflect its core values of innovation, sustainability and adaptation to partner, reseller and end-user requirements.

Company leaders described Castles Technology as a customer-centric company and leading Android POS manufacturer. Led by Kevin Hsin, founder and chairman, Castles has seven regional offices in Asia, America and Europe and continues to expand globally, with 1,000 employees and over 500 resellers situated in 60 countries around the world. Joe Mach is the CEO for North America, and Jean-Philippe Niedergang spearheads leadership across EMEA and Latin American countries.

Android POS leader

Joe Mach, CEO of Castles Technology North America, noted that Castles is the world's fourth largest POS terminal provider and one of the first to develop Android-based POS terminals.

"Our products are tried and tested, and our Android software offers the ultimate performance," he said, noting that the company is well positioned to navigate opportunities and challenges due to its global scale and agile development mindset. Castles stays ahead of the curve by responding rapidly to market dynamics and customer needs, and this nimbleness allows the company to seize opportunities quickly and adapt to changing circumstances, he added.

Jean-Philippe Niedergang, Group CCO/EMEA and LATAM CEO, agreed, stating that Castles works closely with retailers and service providers to develop, test and deploy in-store and online commerce solutions.

"As we surpass 30 years in the payments industry, we are proud of the accomplishments we have achieved with our partners," he said. "We entered this industry at a time when Android payment solutions were still young, and we've grown to become an established expert in the fintech industry. As we look to the future, we strive to continue delivering state-of-the-art terminals, seamless services and leading payment solutions to customers worldwide."

Engineered for success

Niedergang further noted that the company's solutions are easy to deploy, multifunctional, brandable and adaptable. Partners leverage these assets, he added, to enhance and customize POS software, value-added solutions, omnichannel connectivity and a range of alternative payment methods such as pay-by-link, QR codes and gift vouchers.

Reflecting on major milestones at Castles Technology, Niedergang mentioned early certification of its contactless reader by Visa and Mastercard and selling more than 4 million payment terminals in 2022 as recent company highlights. Looking ahead to the future, he said Castles will break more barriers by creating trailblazing POS terminal products for partners and customers. 

"Last year, we launched the S1 MINI mobile device, which is the world's smallest terminal and an exciting addition to our offerings," he said. In the near term, he added, Castles will continue to enhance its comprehensive line of fixed and mobile terminals, electronic fund transfer devices, smart-card-enabled peripherals and unattended solutions.

Partnership benefits

Mach pointed out that Castles Technology provides partners and resellers around the world with a diversity of products and services. The Castles brand is known for advanced engineering and innovative technology, as well as for its global market expertise, product reliability, best-in-class security, customer support and training, flexibility, and competitive pricing, he added.

ISOs and merchant level salespeople with global footprints or aspirations to expand can access new markets and opportunities by partnering with Castles, Mach stated, noting that the company's global experience and professional network can empower payments enterprises.

"My foremost goal is to cultivate and fortify strategic partnerships that drive collaborative success, paving the way for innovation and growth together," he said. "Castles is poised to be the partner of choice in the payments space, and I am committed to leading our team towards that vision." end of article

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Castles Technology

Castles Technology

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Joe Mach
CEO, Castles North America

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