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Adam Atlas,<br>Attorney at Law
Adam Atlas,
Attorney at Law

Founded on 03/03/03, Adam Atlas Attorneys at Law is a boutique fintech and crypto law firm dedicated to top-tier personal advice to clients.

Atlas Currency and Payments Law Updates

In his blog, Adam shares insights on up-to-the-minute developments and trends in payments such as what to be thankful for right now in crypto and payments, electronic payments and crypto amid COVID, understanding U.S. MSB risk, and more.

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Ken Musante,<br>Napa Payments and Consulting
Ken Musante,
Napa Payments and Consulting

As leader of Humboldt Merchant Services and Eureka Payments, and an executive for JPMorgan Chase division WePay, Ken gained unparalleled expertise in successful payments platforms.

Ken Musante, Blog and Published Articles

Currently founder and president of Napa Payments and Consulting, Ken also serves as commercial director for the Payments Consulting Network. He publishes regularly, and his articles are available at the link below.

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Allen Kopelman,<br>CEO, Nationwide Payment Systems
Allen Kopelman,
CEO, Nationwide Payment Systems

Allen, co-founded NPS in 2001, aiming to provide concierge-style service to each client. He now shares a wealth of expertise in his podcast.

B2B Vault:

The Payment Technology Podcast provides educational information for business owners about merchant services and the technology surrounding them. He shares insights, knowledge, and essential updates regarding payment processing and fintech

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Bank Associates Merchant Services
Bank Associates Merchant Services

Knowing that a square peg will never be happy in a round hole, New York-based payment processor BAMS aims to ensure that merchants and agents are offered the right choices for their unique use cases when selecting their processing platform, consumer acceptance methods, and gateway solutions.

The BAMS Blog

The BAMS Blog offers curated information on navigating the often choppy waters of merchant services and helps educate, inform and assist merchats with making beneficial business decisions based on current trends.

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Patti Murphy and James Shepherd
Patti Murphy and James Shepherd

Moderated by Patti Murphy, senior editor at The Green Sheet Inc., and CCSalesPro CEO James Shepherd, this podcast provides timely information and actionable advice to the industry's feet on the street.

Merchant Sales Podcast

This podcast offers interviews, analysis and discussions of immediate relevance to the industry's feet on the street on such topics as how to reduce merchant churn, attract new accounts, find new markets, and discover new products, services and approaches to add value to your offerings.

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Liz Pike, Managing Director, Green Rhino Recruitment
Liz Pike, Managing Director, Green Rhino Recruitment

Liz Pike is Managing Director at the Phoenix office of Green Rhino Recruitment. She focuses her recruitment practice in the area of payment processing, working with banks, acquirers, processors, payment facilitators, software companies and merchants to address recruitment and business-related challenges in the payments space.

Green Rhino Blog

This blog provides resources for job seekers and recruiters within the payments and fintech spheres. Among the topics explored are how to source and land your next job, connecting talented people with unique companies, and career and consultant resources.

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Jay Myers, Bold Commerce

Jay Myers runs Bold Commerce with his co-founders Stefan Maynard, Eric Boisjoli and Yvan Boisjoli. Bold Commerce has 20+ apps designed to help ecommerce entrepreneurs make more money online and serves over 100,000 entrepreneurs.

Own Your Commerce Podcast

This weekly show is for ecommerce brands looking to scale, stay ahead of trends and be a part of the conversation driving ecommerce forward. Jay Myers, host and co-founder of Bold Commerce, interviews industry thought leaders and merchants that have built wildly successful brands, and shares up to date content on what's new in the ecommerce world.

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PAX Technology Inc., an electronic payment solutions provider, has placed 60 million terminals located in over 120 countries. As a leading manufacturer of payment solutions, PAX is committed to delivering innovative, high-quality and secure payment solutions to businesses, large and small, worldwide.

The PAX Blog

The PAX Blog provides timely information and advice on current issues and developments in the industry, for example, touchless payments for the restaurant sector, improving the checkout experience, owning the online ordering transaction, and a fast lane to online ordering for SMBs.

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Industry Insights | BHMI
Industry Insights | BHMI

Since its founding in 1986, BHMI has become a leading and trusted provider of software solutions focused on the back-office processing of digital payment transactions. BHMI's Concourse Financial Software Suite®, a unique integrated collection of back office products, allows companies to adapt to the rapidly changing world of payments quickly and easily.

Pioneers In Payments

Pioneers In Payments is a video series produced by BHMI that seeks to provide payments professionals with valuable insights and advice via recorded interviews with payments industry experts.

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Global Legal Law Firm
Global Legal Law Firm

Based in San Diego, Global Legal has specialized in electronic payments litigation, both locally and across the nation, since 2008. The firm's expert litigators represent ISOs, agents, processors, card brands, and numerous other enterprises in the payments and fintech spheres.

The Payments Experts Podcast

Global Legal experts delve into breaking news and other compelling developments and events in payments from recaps of major tradeshows to card brand rules to proposed legislation and beyond.

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Desmond Nicholson
Desmond Nicholson

Desmond Nicholson, a 30-year veteran in the merchant payments processing industry, has held various senior management positions, including president of training and education at First Data Corp. He has trained hundreds of sales executives, some of whom are among today's most respected payments leaders.

Bridges To Excellence

The Bridges To Excellence podcast features fascinating people in payments and fintech who are on top of their game. Hear from leaders, influencers, experts and innovators who have transformed or impacted the industry in their own way. Their stories will inspire, empower and challenge you to unlock your inner superpowers and live your best life.

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Over 30 years ago, AU10TIX built the technology for ID intelligence at airports and border control worldwide, becoming the world's first enterprise solution for ID verification. That experience led the team to develop innovative, fast and accurate methods for automating the process in today's digital world.

AU10TIX Blog

As a foremost authority on ID intelligence, AU10TIX shares in-depth knowledge in this blog. Topics include understanding KYC, AML screening, spotting fake IDs, liveness detection in KYC, microprint, fugitive ink and fugitive pigments, malware-based phishing, and much more.

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Ruston Miles,<br>CEO, Payfactory
Ruston Miles,
CEO, Payfactory

Ruston founded Payfactory in 2021 to bring modular, simplified embedded payment facilitation to ISVs, SaaS platforms and payment gateway partners.

Payfactory Insights

Ruston shares his 20+ years of payment experience through Payfactory’s Insights, a series of blogs, videos, infographics and podcasts that delve into the latest products and trends around embedded finance, ISV and SaaS payments, payment and data security and much more.

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Community Resources

ATM Industry Association

The leading non-profit trade association representing the global ATM industry.

Center for Payments

A program for continued evolution sponsored by 11 payments associations.

Electronic Transactions Association

The Electronic Transactions Association prides itself on being a hub of activity for payments sector.

FIDO Alliance

The FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance strengthens and secures online identities and devices through specification, certification and education programs.

Identity and Payments Association

The Identity and Payments Association (IDPay) is an international, commercial membership association.

Midwest Acquirers Association

The MWAA was founded on the belief that it is important to educate Payment Professionals.


Nacha governs the ACH Network, the payment system that drives safe, smart, and fast direct deposits and direct payments.


The NAPCP is a membership-based association committed to advancing commercial card and payment professionals and industry practices worldwide.

National ATM Council

The National ATM Council, Inc. is a not-for-profit national trade association dedicated to ethically and effectively representing the business interests of ATM Owners, Operators and Suppliers in their efforts to provide safe, secure,- and convenient delivery of cash to consumers throughout the United States.

Northeast Acquirers Association

The Northeast Acquirers Association was founded in 1985 and to serve and educate all distribution channels in the electronic payments industry in the northeast.

PayTech Women

Founded in 2005, PayTech Women inspires and empowers women in the payments and fintech spheres with networking, mentoring and leadership development opportunities.

PCI Security Standards Council

The PCI Security Standards Council is a global forum that brings together payments industry stakeholders .

Secure Technology Alliance

The Secure Technology Alliance brings together leading providers and adopters of end-to-end security solutions designed to protect privacy and digital assets.

Southeast Acquirers Association

The Southeast Acquirers Association Inc. is a non-membership, 501(c)(6) trade association formed in 2000 to facilitate the growth of the electronic payments industry.

The Payments Association

The Payments Association is an influential community in payments where the connections, collaboration and learning shape an industry that works for all.

Western States Acquirers Association

The Western States Acquirers Association is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit and non-member trade association managed by a board of industry volunteers.

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