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Omnichannel billing and payment automation

Founded by Beyond Investments Inc. as Pay Data Center (PDC4U) in 2003, the secure payment services provider rebranded as PDCflow in 2014. The decision stemmed from a plan to develop a new user interface based on workflow and cash flow optimization.

Today, the company offers a single platform for accounts receivable management (ARM) teams to send an invoice; collect a credit, debit or electronic check payment; or obtain a signature in one workflow that is secured end to end. The software offers text, email, chat and interactive voice response payment channels, as well as a customizable online payment portal with robust reporting.

"PDCflow was created in 2003 to fulfill a need in the accounts receivable industry to accept electronic payments," stated Matthew Snedden, PDCflow chief operating officer. "The company began with a close relationship and partnership with DAKCS Software Solutions, but as the demand for digital transactions grew, PDCflow expanded by partnering with other ARM systems."

According to Snedden, PDCflow's customizable electronic bill presentment and payment solution benefits any vertical that wants to collect a payment at the same time representatives are conveying service details or invoices, collecting information or obtaining signed authorizations. Snedden named debt collection agencies, credit unions, medical billing companies, hospitals, legal firms and healthcare organizationsas ideal candidates for PDCflow's product set.

Founded on technology

PDCflow's customer hub is located in Ogden, Utah, along with the programming department that builds the technologies supporting the products.

"We have a dedicated, brilliant software team that focuses on improving our client's cash flow by allowing them to create the most optimal workflow, and at the same time, maintain the least amount of friction to payments and communication for our client's consumers," Snedden said.

Among the company's offerings is a patented, secure entry overlay product that enables other software providers to tender payments inside their applications without storing a card number or being subject to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance. The patent also allows PDCflow clients to move between merchant services providers without losing the token needed to process future payments.

Other products include customizable electronic signature services, Regulation E-compliant digital payment authorization, and a multifeatured audit reporting system. (Regulation E sets forth parameters for electronic funds transfers and guidelines for electronic debit cards.)

Increasing efficiency and cash flow

PDCflow also enables customers to customize workflows based on business needs, allowing them to set up a template built around frequent work processes. The same template can request and receive payments at the time the work process is initiated, creating an automated workflow that handles the entire process with minimal effort and maximum operational efficiency. Dubbed "Flow," the PDCflow template system was designed to save businesses time and money, while also simplifying the process for their customers. "The workflows our system offers are customized and managed by our customers so their employees can quickly send out requests with a couple of clicks, saving time," stated Heather Harris, PDCflow national sales manager. "The consumer-facing interface is intuitive and easy so a consumer can review, complete and sign a document, and send back a payment in a matter of minutes."

A vision realized

PDCflow's data security capabilities and industry certifications include payment encryption and tokenization, secure entry overlay, PCI DSS Level 1, SSAE18 SOC2 (independent auditing) attestation, and HIPPA, among others. While PDCflow continues to add to an impressive list of milestones showcased on its website, its leaders all point to the launch of Flow as the catalyst that helped the company achieve its goal to be a preferred omnichannel solution provider for ARM-centric companies.

"The release of Flow has introduced a workflow management application that combines everything a business needs to accept omnichannel payments," affirmed Matt Thomas, PDCflow product management analyst. "Plus, it allows for the creation of custom workflows to send invoices or contracts for completion and signature while collecting a payment." end of article

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