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Leveraging the cloud

Fluid Pay LLC launched in 2017 with founding members Nick Cucci and Jeff Rooney. They introduced a proprietary, industry-first, fully cloud-based payment gateway application to ISOs, VARs, merchant service providers and application developers. Based in the Chicago suburb of Wheaton, Ill., Fluid Pay prides itself on bringing many firsts to the evolving payments industry.

Ted Cucci joined the founding partners in 2018, signing on as Fluid Pay's president and CEO, as well as board chairman. He brings over 21 years of industry experience, including co-founding NMI with James T. McKenzie and serving as that company's chief operating officer. Why was Fluid Pay started? It's simple. The company's three partners share the conviction that the payments space has become too complicated and complex and needs to be simplified. "Our goal is to create a suite of products that function inside a completely cloud-based environment while being scalable for any size merchant both small and enterprise-level businesses," said Jeff Rooney, chief technical officer of Fluid Pay. "You should not have to have multiple providers as an ISO to complete your offering. Not anymore."

Fluid Pay is 100 percent cloud-based inside the Google Compute Engine (GCE) platform. "What this enables us to do is provide a very reliable service for all our partners and their merchants no matter the size," Ted Cucci added. "We have virtually zero downtime."

A client-driven roadmap

One major benefit of being cloud-based is it brings Fluid Pay the flexibility to listen to its partners and the industry overall. The company can stay very agile with multiple product offerings and make changes on the fly. Fluid Pay is currently launching multiple new product offerings, including a processor-agnostic account updater service, full Pax and Dejavoo terminal support, and auto population for Level 3 transactions.

Fluid Pay's offerings carry support across all of its products. "We also have both industry compliant solutions for cash discounting and surcharge platforms," Nick Cucci said. "Why argue the difference if you can figure out how to support both and remain compliancy? Use what you want."

Product offerings

To name just a few of its stand-outs, Fluid Pay offers over 20 cloud-based products such as e-invoicing that can be sent and paid via email and SMS. The TOKENizer creates a simple, easy and accurate way to accept payment information on a website while creating vault records, if needed, on transactions as well. Fluid Pay's white-label solution offers customers complete control of the look and feel – CSS, colors, etc. And a DDoS mitigation service is included to make sure clients stay online 24/7.

Fluid Pay also supports PAX and Dejavoo EMV devices on its platform. In addition, Watchdog is a fraud management tool used to set rules and zero in on preventing and detecting fraudulent transactions. This is one of the first payment tools in the industry to use machine learning algorithms to adapt to data as it comes in. For more products and information, please visit www.fluidpay.com.

What's in the future for Fluid Pay?

"Keep an eye out for Fluid Pay," Nick Cucci said. "Partnerships and integrations are seamless with us. We have large companies integrating to us every day and are able to start sending over transactions in less than 10 minutes. Our control panel consumes 100 percent of our API. No hidden calls, no tricks. We expose all the features and functionality for our clients and are constantly taking in needs and wants from our clients."

Another capability born from the company's agility, clarity and responsiveness to clients' needs is Fluid Pay's cutting-edge support for alternative payment methods (APMs) such Alipay, WeChat Pay, OXXO Pay and more than 137 other APMs. "We hear you and will continue to pump out products useful to advance this industry," Nick Cucci affirmed. end of article

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Fluid Pay LLC

Fluid Pay LLC

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