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One company, one source

Businesses are conceived in a variety of ways and shaped by a multiplicity of influences. But sometimes the idea, the big one, presents itself organically. For example, Zach Godfrey and Brad Yuchinski founded All Resources Consulting Group LLC in 2004 and they soon learned merchants wanted them to supply more than just credit card processing.

Clients trusted Godfrey and Yuchinski enough to ask them if they knew anyone who could sell them computers, handle information technology, design logos, supply print products, create radio spots, and provide promotional products and banners. Though their company didn't sell any of those items at the time, Godfrey and Yuchinski cared about their clients and wanted to do more.

Also, both men realized they were leaving significant money on the table by not addressing needs beyond processing. So in late 2007, myARCworld Inc. was formed to better reflect their desire to expand commitments to clients and prospects. "After over 20 years in the consulting industry, we decided to start bringing the product and service in-house to start earning revenues off of them," Godfrey said.

ARC is an abbreviation of All Resources Consulting and stands for "bridging a gap." MyARCworld was created to be an all encompassing solution for businesses; its scope goes beyond traditional merchant services. Godfrey is the company's President and Chief Executive Officer, and Yuchinski is Chief Operating Officer.

Disappearing gap

MyARCworld is designed to bring new products, services and technology to merchants through its "one company, one source" full business solution. Godfrey and Yuchinski tapped their own expertise to provide a complete array of equipment and technical support to help merchants get their businesses up and running smoothly.

And after 20 years of working in the merchant services, consulting and wireless industries, Godfrey has found his calling. "What a great feeling it is to be doing what you believe you were meant to do: making an impact in helping your customer's succeed," he said.

In addition to PC software and e-commerce solutions, automated teller machines, and card processing terminals, myARCworld offers a variety of other services and products, including:

  • Cash registers
  • Web design and hosting
  • Graphic design and printing services
  • Office furniture
  • Security systems
  • Custom gift cards
  • Discount drug benefits cards
  • Refurbished computers
  • Cell phone accessories

Under this umbrella, myARCworld provides competitive volume pricing. According to Godfrey, the company's technological advances effectively harness the growing demands for an industry seeking comprehensive business solutions, allowing the company to provide needed products and services to nearly every vertical market.

MyARCworld's complete solution may benefit not only the merchants but also the agents who serve them. "By being a total business solution to our clients, myARCworld experiences repeat business throughout the year, creating relationships and recurring revenues for our direct agents on all products and services," Godfrey said.

Innovative edge

Rather than offer what he considers superfluous items, Godfrey is determined to provide merchants with the tools necessary to best benefit their businesses.

In fact, it was Godfrey's competitors who inadvertently helped him with the idea. Like many others in the industry, he noticed the recent trend of companies offering free products to entice agents and merchants to work with them. Godfrey received ads for free terminals, accounting software and even vacations.

Godfrey disagreed with this approach. When he received a postcard promoting a free cruise, he thought, "If you are starting a new business, do you need to be going on vacation?"

MyARCworld strives to keep prices competitive through its national outsourcing relationships with major vendors as well as its in-house services. The company has negotiated national pricing based upon overall volume, not by the size of each order. The savings of paying national prices versus retail are passed on to clients, allowing all parties to compete with larger entities.

MyARCworld does not, however, outsource information. "We are all about educating our customers," Godfrey said. "If you give them the proper tools and information, they will never leave. I tell them exactly what our margins are and how we can charge this low rate and still be profitable. They appreciate the upfront honesty."

In 2006, myARCworld relocated from San Antonio to New Braunfels, Texas, to be more centrally located. As a national company, this was paramount to Godfrey. "This new location is also in the heart of one of the fastest growing regions in the country: the San Antonio/Austin corridor," Godfrey said.

"In addition to national agents served, this location allows myARCworld a strong base of several million people to market on a direct basis," he added. The next phase of growth will come from attracting ISOs and merchant level salespeople (MLSs) on a national level.

MyARCworld plans to do this by providing higher immediate income and recurring revenue streams for its new partners. New headquarters have just been renovated, and over the next year the company plans to add 50 to 75 new team members.

Establishing ample new headquarters in New Braunfels' storied Rivermill development is part of myARCworld's master plan for the next three to five years, which also includes creating a space for incubator businesses. With the first phase of renovations just completed, myARCworld has moved into its new digs.

Rockin' opportunity

MyARCworld sells direct through ISO and MLS channels, associations, franchises, and banks. Its staff comprises self-motivated people who have an entrepreneurial spirit. They work with MLSs who appreciate how technology can enhance an agent's business.

MyARCworld is designed to be a viable option for MLSs who wish to provide merchants additional services and boost their current and recurring revenue. And it aims to help MLSs profit by accommodating merchants who may need Web design and hosting, graphic design, e-commerce solutions, financing, printing, promotional products, insurance, or just about anything else.

"Agents can enhance initial income and return to old customers for the sale of other needed business and marketing products and services required on a recurring basis," Godfrey said.

MyARCworld's MLSs are compensated with buy rates. The company pays commissions, as well as ongoing residuals. Since Godfrey himself was a sales agent, he understands some of the frustrations MLSs encounter. MLSs don't have time to waste, so Godfrey streamlined his process to avoid aggravation.

"That is why we spent so much money on the back-end of our operating systems to make sure agents don't have the headache," Godfrey said. "We take care of our partners."

MLSs can choose how involved they wish to be in the sale. The onus is on them to determine how much money they make. Agents who prefer not to sell services earn a straight 10% referral fee. In addition, myARCworld can provide free POS terminal programs for its ISOs and MLSs.

To assist merchants who are interested in more commitment, ISOs and MLSs can become affiliates or partners and have co-branded or myARCworld-branded Web sites. ISO and MLS partners earn up to 30% of the suggested retail sales price of most commodities and services. ISOs and MLSs also earn up to 70% on credit card processing, depending on volume.

All MLSs have access to myARCworld's interactive Web site, www.myarcworld.com. The site provides real-time reporting of jobs, clients and residuals. Agents can also use the site to instantly communicate directly with myARCworld departments.

While it is not required that MLSs are exclusively myARCworld agents, Godfrey said, "We would prefer to have credit card processing also. That is the ideal situation. We prefer they join up with us and be a partner so we can pay them more."

Back-end bonanza

MyARCworld also provides financing services. "Even though we had suppliers and could provide all these services, it kept coming back to cash," Godfrey recalled. He wondered how a new business, low on cash and capital, would be able to afford to get started.

Then, one morning about 2 a.m., he remembered the advertising mailer that offered a free cruise and recalled how off target it was for his audience. He started myARCworld to cater to the goals and aspirations of his clients with solutions specifically tailored to them. "It is in our best interest to make the business owner's visions and dreams come true," he said.

So, Godfrey found a way to get businesses the funds necessary to purchase the services they need. "An average $99 lease for 48 months will fund about $3,200, but those kinds of leases are now rare," Godfrey said. "Once the lease was approved and the contract confirmed, the MLS received a lump sum payment from the leasing company after the first merchant billing cycle.

"The MLS put that $3,200 in their pocket, and the sale was closed. Now, myARCworld's financing enables clients to secure the monies required for other necessities, giving them the equivalent of that $3,200 back to spend on custom pens, T-shirts, Web site design, banners, business cards, radio ads, whatever they need to get their business up and running.

"And our company, along with agents who partner with us, can assist them with all of those items, and the residual stream is several times higher on the back-end. Why shouldn't a client take advantage of tangible assets to capture the additional money their business needs?"

Passionate dedication

Godfrey's career began as it does for many merchant services professionals, earning income from terminal sales.

Though he quickly became the leading sales rep in his state, he found a downside. "I was moving 40 to 60 units a month, and I was paid an average of $350 per terminal," he said. "But I had no clue about residuals."

While it may seem that Godfrey was destined to start myARCworld, this doesn't mean it didn't take a significant amount of time and energy. "It's not easy," Godfrey said. "It didn't come together overnight. We have spent four-and-a-half years putting this together. I've got an incredible team around me."

MyARCworld aspires to provide quality merchandise and customer support in a cost-effective and timely manner. For now, Godfrey and Yuchinski are focused on their clients and agent partners, but they believe the effect of myARCworld will be felt throughout the industry.

"MyARCworld is changing the way everyone is thinking," Godfrey said. "We are doing what everyone has talked about for a long time. I am living my dream now, making my clients' visions and dreams a reality."

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myARCworld Inc.

myARCworld Inc.

ISO/MLS contact:

Business Development Division
Phone: 877-ARC-6500 (877-272-6500)
Fax: 877-ARC-6595
E-mail: info@myarcworld.com

Company address:
360 McKenna Ave.
New Braunfels, TX 78130
Phone: 877-ARC-6500
Fax: 877-ARC-6595
Web site: www.myarcworld.com

ISO/MLS benefits:

  • Additional products and services to cross-sell to new and existing customers
  • Ability to build long-term client relationships
  • Upfront revenues on initial sales, recurring residuals
  • Lower pricing
  • Web site for customer sales and service

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