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Go wallet-less with tokenized, personalized wearable tech

DIGISEQ was founded in 2014 by Terrie Smith, former driving force behind Mastercard Digital Enablement Service, the backbone of mobile contactless payment services like Apple Pay. Inspired by the technology's potential, Terrie set out to take wearable tech mainstream, securing several payment technology patents along the way. Andy Ramsden, head of business development at DIGISEQ, summarized the company's goal as freeing consumers to use any object for payment or identification. Chosen items could be a watch, ring or even a face mask, he noted, thereby enabling millions of people to interact with sports clubs, banks and other businesses worldwide through passive wearable technology.

Unlike other tech wearables, such as smartwatches with limited battery lives, DIGISEQ's tokenized solution can transform an ordinary object into a contactless payment or digital ID token just by inserting a chip, Ramsden explained.

Experienced leadership

Smith, who serves as DIGISEQ's CEO, and Chief Technology Officer Colin Tanner recently welcomed new board members David Birch, a fintech commentator, and Angela Yore, managing director of British PR firm SkyParlour, as non-executive chairman and non-executive director, respectively, to guide the company's next expansion stage.

In the past two years, DIGISEQ's patented technology has been rolled out in more than 300 types of wearables from multiple brands, including LAKS, VIMPay and the Aeklys ring from renowned designer Phillippe Starck. In addition, DIGISEQ partnered with chip maker Infineon on a secure ID solution that combines NFC chip and blockchain technology designed to combat counterfeit item fraud and provide ultra-secure physical item verification. The company's technology was also used at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards. In 2021, DIGISEQ launched its breakthrough mobile personalization solution, RCOS and the Manage Mii mobile app. The wearable tech was featured at Spanish Liga football club Real Betis, where fans used their wearables to store season ticket passes, access the stadium and make contactless payments. 

Tokenized wearables

Describing DIGISEQ as the world's first tokenized wearable payments service, the company said users can pair bank cards to their item, track activity and choose other optional features. Wearables feature real-time tracking for added security and do not require a PIN, DIGISEQ representatives stated, while noting all wearables can be activated from the comfort of home. DIGISEQ representatives also pointed out that the company handles payment enablement from end to end, including over-the-air payment data provisioning, saving banks and OEMs time and money. Additionally, DIGISEQ noted, these solutions reduce plastic usage, which improves environmental sustainability. They also described their core product offerings as follows:

  • Rapid Contactless Personalization Solution (RCOS) securely tokenizes Mastercard payment data from the consumer's linked payment card to their wearable item, via DIGISEQ's Manage Mii mobile app. The solution is iOS and Android compatible and can be used for prepaid and tokenized accounts.
  • Objects-as-a-Service enables any form factor to be augmented with a chip and turned into a contactless payment or digital ID token. Combined with RCOS, this is a game-changer for banks, non-bank issuers and other brands, as DIGISEQ handles both personalization and payment enablement of the wearable item.

Expanding partner ecosystem

DIGISEQ has seen its wearable tech and services speed up entry times at sports and music venues by facilitating encrypted ID for secure access. Its growing family of wearable items can be provisioned with real-time promotional offers, which incentivizes more usage while providing an immersive user experience, the company noted.

DIGISEQ connects an entire ecosystem, including banks, product creators, retailers, chip manufacturers and service providers, the company stated, adding that its award-winning IoT platform securely delivers data into everyday wearables, enhancing everyday objects with NFC payment, Access Control, Digital Identity and User Engagement contactless functionality. Reflecting on the company's exponential growth, DIGISEQ Board Member David Birch said, "DIGISEQ strives to make the wallet redundant, money contactless and identification simple and secure." end of article

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Company Profile originally appeared in
The Green Sheet Issue 220901

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