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Expand potential, global scale with next-level POS

Preludd was founded in Toulouse, France, in 2016 by Benjamin Laurent and two colleagues who created the company's first payment platform. Designed to disrupt the market with an integrated cloud-native solution, the platform provides innovative, white-label solutions to clients and partners, according to Martinien Carrion, chief operating officer at Preludd. Carrion noted that unlike costly, unreliable and oversized physical servers, Preludd's white-label cloud-based solutions are cost-effective, flexible and scalable. "We enable payment terminals to connect securely and offer management tools to our customers, as well as a portal for merchants," he said. "We also develop applications on payment terminals."

With a growing team of about 60 employees, the company plans to hire more specialists who share its core values, which Carrion summarized as having the courage to innovate, collaborate and create high-quality products and services within a dynamic, agile development environment. Preludd will continue to hire talented professionals as it expands globally to stay apace with innovation and meet partner and customer needs, he added.

Heritage of innovation, growth

Reflecting on major milestones in the company's evolution, Carrion pointed out that Preludd has continuously innovated and iterated since its inception in 2016, when Laurent first envisioned a new, cost-effective way to leverage and scale payment technology.

"Our creation and vision of our founder in 2016 was Preludd's first milestone, followed by integrating our first strategic client on our payment platform in 2018 with 10,000 POS devices connected," he said. "After that, it took two years to launch an innovative portal for customers and acquirers, which led to our signing our first partnership with a French BNPL company to create an application for physical stores on POS terminals."

In May 2023, Preludd Payment Services completed the acquisition of Amadis, a leading provider of EMV card-present payment acceptance solutions, Carrion noted. With this acquisition, he said, the company can now offer solutions at all stages of the payment chain for payment solution providers, banks, acquirers, payment terminal distributors and SoftPOS.

Partner-centric opportunities

 Carrion went on to say that Preludd's solutions are agile, robust and flexible, and continue to evolve and adapt to customer needs as well as their customers' customers. Preludd, he added, created a payment platform that is modular in scope with limitless customization and capabilities that enable our sales partners to fully leverage the platform and make it an extension of their companies and brands.

"Preludd Payment Services is a company committed to provide the best services to its customers while continuously expanding on global scale," he said. "With a focus on developing innovative solutions on our payment platform as well as one-of-a-kind solutions, our team is dedicated to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving payment industry."

Fintech and payment markets are constantly evolving, making it imperative to anticipate market trends. Preludd, Carrion noted, has met these challenges along the way. The company's innovations include its gateway in the cloud, BNPL application for POS, SoftPOS and kernels, all of which we developed and constantly improve upon, he added.

Future-ready initiatives

Hinting that the next evolutions on Preludd's near-term product roadmap will be exciting and game-changing, Carrion encouraged ISOs, merchant acquirers and payments industry stakeholders to get in touch and explore adjacent partnership opportunities with a team that is committed to innovation, excellence and achieving future goals.

"At Preludd Payment Services, we think that success is not just about growth, but also doing the right things for our collaborators and customers," he said. "We are a people-first company and believe that keeping our team engaged and excited will have a direct and highly positive impact on our partners and clients." end of article

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