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Enabling success via technology

Since 2000, Maverick BankCard Inc. has provided businesses with technology-driven electronic payment processing services, promoting credit and debit card acceptance for mobile, brick-and-mortar, and ecommerce merchants alike. The company also offers partnership opportunities to ISOs, value-added resellers, independent software vendors, and agents. Maurice Griefer, Maverick's chief revenue officer, said the enterprise adheres to "a unique, client-centered business model that has enabled our company to offer competitive pricing and best-in-class services, backed by a robust financial technology system."

Headquartered in Calabasas, Calif, the company performs all operations internally. It is family owned and operated, with more than 30 years' combined management experience in payments. Its technologies are backed by triple redundancy and hosted in a Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards Level One environment.

Growing year over year

Maverick has reported consistent annual growth since its launch. Company leadership attributes this to its seasoned team, flexibility, strategic partnerships, efficiency and technologies. "With a significant investment to feature-rich technology development, coupled with our seasoned staff, full-service platform and exceptional customer services, it has given us the advantage to be a significant player in the processing space," said Alan Griefer, the company's CEO and founder. He noted that the company's early commitment to developing proprietary systems gave Maverick a viable marketing edge. Today, those technologies include end-to-end automations for virtually every step in a merchant's lifecycle and presented in a format that can be easily accessed from all browser-enabled devices, he added.

Efficiencies through automation

Maverick's intuitive, online application is programmed to alert applicants immediately if additional information is needed. Submittals trigger automated queries, such as a credit soft pull, banking relationships and other business credibility checks on the way to underwriting. The built-in note system enables fluid communication between underwriting and agents to minimize turnaround time for corrections.

Once merchants are live, they can use the Maverick dashboard to open support tickets, request account changes, set up sub-users, monitor PCI status, and complete compliance questionnaires. The merchant portal also includes industry-standard reporting features, including complex data filtering, chargeback and dispute response tools, electronic statements, and more. In addition, a host of fraud analysis tools are available, including a negative chargeback database that alerts merchants when cardholders have previously disputed transactions.

Maverick's business analytics system, Bizlitix, is also available to account holders. This system provides merchants with intuitive card analytics showing customer types, return/new customers, peak hours, etc. A reputation management function notifies the merchant when new reviews are posted on social media platforms. Market intelligence reports are also available for merchants wanting big data sets on competition, customer loyalty, cardholder demographics, spending habits and cardholder origination.

In addition, Bizlitix is equipped with keyword and competitor research features for online advertising, as well as a web-based heat map showing user activity. According to Maverick's leaders, the Bizlitix platform was built to give businesses a better understanding of customers, competitors, and their own businesses, while also providing Maverick's partners with a market-differentiating tool.

Maverick gives both registered and non-registered partners contemporary dashboard branding capabilities, frictionless boarding, tiered sub-user registration, and an intuitive residual portal. Moreover, integration partners can use Maverick's automated campaign system offering pre-set rates, fees and language features. Internally, Maverick's system monitors for excessive decline ratios, debit-only use by restricted verticals, expiring PCI accounts, chargeback ratios and many other important details. This allows the Maverick team to scale quickly without relying on staff-centric processes.

More technology to come

Maverick's future includes the rollout of a full-service automated clearing house platform, as well as interchange optimization and website management features. The company plans to also implement more advanced auto-underwriting capabilities and device-specific alert features for mobile users. "Due to our experience and knowledge, position of being a full-service provider, and proprietary technology, we have never been more excited for our organization's future," concluded Ben Griefer, Maverick's chief operating officer. end of article

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Maverick BankCard

Maverick BankCard

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