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June 28, 2010 โ€ข Issue 10:06:02

A roadmap to GS Online

Since 1983, The Green Sheet Inc. has been dedicated to the education and success of ISOs and merchant level salespeople (MLSs). To further our mission, we have built a vibrant Web presence over the past decade. Dubbed GS Online, our website now averages more than 140,000 distinct visits and 4 million hits each month.

In addition, for five consecutive years, The Green Sheet has been recognized by the highly regarded Annual Awards for Publication Excellence (APEX), earning 38 APEX awards for excellence in magazine and website content and design.

By publishing both in print and online, we provide ISOs and MLSs instant access to the latest developments in the payments industry. People turn to GS Online for relevant breaking news, interaction in peer forums, research, professional education, and to browse the pages of The Green Sheet and GSQ.

To help you gain the most from your online experience, we created the following guide, which describes useful tools and resources found only on our website.

Home, the source for news and information

Let's begin at home, www.greensheet.com, and discuss the main features found there. Directly below the GS logo, you'll see Fast Finder. This search tool can comb The Green Sheet archives or News From The Wire. Entering a word or phrase in the search field will take you to a page where you can add an additional word or phrase, if desired, as well as use a drop-down menu to narrow your search by story type. Fast Finder will search for the exact words or phrases you enter.

Scroll down a bit and you'll see News From The Wire, which contains up-to-the-minute developments of high relevance to payment professionals. Press releases are posted to News From The Wire throughout each workday. The full text of each release is followed by a List by Date/Search function that helps you locate additional news on industry topics.

The left-hand column also contains links to our glossary, a list of GS Advisory Board members, industry job opportunities, instructions on how to send us a press release and our RSS feed. In addition, you can add the daily industry news headlines to your Yahoo account by clicking the My Yahoo button provided.

Center field

Breaking Industry News & Information, located in the center column of the home page, provides coverage of news items of high relevance to ISOs and MLSs. Many stories posted here also appear in print; others are featured only online. When you click to read the full article, the most recent articles also appear on screen, followed by the View Prior Breaking News prompt.

Directly below Breaking Industry News & Information is QSGS (Quick Search Green Sheet), which offers an overview of key articles found in the current issue of The Green Sheet. QSGS typically displays a dozen stories. Click on a story title to view the full article. Once there, you're free to navigate through any of the stories in the issue with the table of contents-style navigation on the left side.

To the right

In the upper right-hand column of the home page, you'll find our login and registration area. For complete access to GS Online, create a login profile by clicking on Register Today! at the top of the page or the Register link on the top navigation bar, both of which lead to The Premier Trade Publication for the Payments Industry registration form. Registered members can subscribe to the paperless version of The Green Sheet, as well as qualify for access to resources and contacts available only to industry forum members.

Another way to register for GS Online and receive print and/or paperless copies of our trade journal is to click on Subscriptions in the top navigation bar. There you can also also update or change your mailing information whenever needed. The print version is mailed to domestic U.S. addresses only, while the paperless version is available globally.

In the right-hand column, you'll also find several buttons. The GSQ button links to the online version of our quarterly print magazine. The Selling Prepaid button takes you to greensheet.com, where you can view breaking news related to the prepaid card segment. Once there, you can also read the informative E-Magazine, join a Forum and view a host of prepaid resources listed on the Resources page.

Further buttons in the right-hand column will take you to RetailBusiness.com, for organizations that offer a variety of services of interest to ISOs and MLSs; an Ad Insertion Order form; details on important upcoming industry events and tradeshows; and GS Travel Advice, which contains a wealth of inside information on destinations throughout the world.

Publications section
ยท The Green Sheet - Current Issue
ยท The Green Sheet - Archives
ยท GSQ - Current Issue
ยท Street Smarts
ยท Contributing Writers
ยท Company Profiles
ยท Industry Leader Profiles
ยท Knowledge is Power
ยท Book Reviews
ยท Sarcasam Sells - Editorial Cartoon
ยท Word Search Archives
Forum section
ยท Green Sheet MLS Forum
ยท Selling Prepaid Forum
ยท Ask The Green Sheet
ยท The "Watercooler" area
ยท MLS Opportunities recruiting area
Resources section
ยท Resource Guide
ยท Card Brand Interchange Rates
ยท Glossary of Terms
ยท Payments Industry Calendar and Datebook
ยท Trade Association Directory
ยท State Financial Regulatory Agencies
ยท MLS Support Tools
ยท Media Kit

The publications hub

In the top navigation bar, click on Publications, and find links to our publications. It begins with the current issue of The Green Sheet (also reachable from the GS Current Issue link in the navigation bar) and moves next to The Green Sheet archives, which contains full issues dating to 1995. Issues are now available in both HTML and PDF versions.

Below the archives link is GSQ-Current Issue, which leads to PDF versions of our full-color quarterly magazine - dating from the present to 1999. This is the place to catch up on key industry topics such as security, alternative payments, technology and the state of the industry. Special issues ranking top ISOs and acquirers are found here as well. Click the cover image of the current issue for the full PDF. Archived years are listed on the left. Click the year of interest to you and then click the appropriate GSQ cover image to view the entire issue.

The Street Smarts link leads to a must-read educational and informative series written by industry veterans committed to sharing diverse opinions, observations and concerns about issues critical to the feet-on-the-street. This archive provides a wealth of knowledge, information and insights from as far back as 2003.

Several other helpful links are on the Publications page. To learn more about industry contributors to The Green Sheet, click on Contributing Writers. The Company Profiles link will take you to feature articles published in The Green Sheet about companies of interest doing business in the payments space.

Other features on the Publications page include industry leader profiles, Robert O. Carr's Knowledge is Power series, and fun diversions such as word searches and humorous cartoons.

Forums for informative exchange

A magnet for traffic and a springboard for lively conversation among nearly 32,000 registered forum members, the Forums link in the top navigation bar opens to a spectrum of MLS forums that are moderated by The Green Sheet. They are a secure networking space for payments industry sales professionals.

A good starting point on the Forums page is the General Information - New Users Look Here! link, which guides you through the process of logging in and how to access the MLS forums. You will need to be a member of the MLS/ISO group to participate in the MLS Forum. Other forum areas include the Selling Prepaid forum, Ask the Green Sheet, where members can send inquiries to The Green Sheet, and an open exchange forum known as The Watercooler.

In the MLS Opportunities section of the Forums page, you'll find a host of job-related resources including MLS Agent Recruiting, MLS 2 MLS equipment and service postings, Executive Positions and ISO Staff Positions Needed for career recruitment, High Risk Business offerings for high risk merchant accounts, Business Services for the MLS and MLS Training resources for payment industry professionals.

Resources that support MLSs

Clicking on Resources in the top navigation bar leads to a diverse toolbox chock full of information. The Resource Guide offers a comprehensive listing of the top organizations and service providers, along with direct links to websites, and phone number and email contact information. This paid directory also appears in the print version of The Green Sheet.

In addition to accessing our glossary from the left-hand column of the home page, you can also reach it from the Glossary of Terms link on the Resources page. If you're unfamiliar with an industry term you may have seen in one of our publications, this is where you'll likely find it. If not, send an email to greensheet@greensheet.com, and we'll provide a definition.

The Resources page also links to the Payments Industry Calendar of listings on industry expos, tradeshows, association meetings and events. You may view featured events in a month-at-a-glance calendar or all events in chart form. Datebook includes highlights, dates, locations and registration information for key events. Click on the Trade Association Directory for a listing of the industry's most visible regional, national and multinational associations. It provides contact information and direct links to each association. The State Financial Regulatory Agencies section links to the regulatory agencies in all 50 states that oversee banks, credit unions, industrial loan companies and more.

The Resources page also features MLS Support Tools, including the MLS Profit Calculator and the Interchange Profit Calendar. The page has a link to our Media Kit as well.

Advertising opportunities

And we haven't overlooked those who wish to advertise in The Green Sheet and GS Online, a marketing option that scores of leading industry companies swear by. Click on Media Kit in the upper navigation bar to see circulation figures, a readership profile, testimonials from satisfied advertisers and contact information for our advertising staff. You can also download insertion orders, advertising templates, a current rate card and advertising deadlines.

To see an exhibit of the banner and skyscraper ads currently running in rotation on the website, click Ad Page in the upper navigation bar. The goal of The Green Sheet has always been to serve our readers. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. You can find further details about The Green Sheet by clicking Who We Are in the upper navigation bar of our home page. And to reach us online, visit the Contact Us section where you will find listings for our entire staff. end of article

The Green Sheet Inc. is now a proud affiliate of Bankcard Life, a premier community that provides industry-leading training and resources for payment professionals. Click here for more information.

Notice to readers: These are archived articles. Contact names or information may be out of date. We regret any inconvenience.

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