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Improve results, boost revenue with accurate ID management

Caf was founded in 2019 by Leonardo Rebitte and Rafael Viana, technology leaders focused on improving identity verification and authentication. After designing an in-house resource for a Brazilian lender, the co-founders spun off the solution into a standalone company, attracting outside investors and growing from $383,000 to nearly $5.5 million in revenue between 2019 and 2021, the company stated.

The growing company opened offices in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Former Ethoca executives Jason Howard and Darryl Green serve as CEO and executive chairman, respectively. With recent executive hires in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe, Caf now employs 300 staff members and plans to continue to expand globally.

Through its mission to create a safer internet through accurate, automated ID verification, Caf helps digital businesses improve conversion rates, detect and reduce fraud and deliver optimal customer experiences, Caf representatives stated.

AI-driven, human-proven

Caf enables businesses in highly regulated industries to securely onboard and authenticate users by leveraging advanced computer vision and machine learning models, an AI-powered decisions engine, and orchestration of biometric and identity databases, the company stated. The combined technologies deliver automated customer onboarding, KYC, KYB, fraud prevention, authentication, document verification and background-check solutions, Caf added.

In addition, Caf mentioned that its decentralized platform enables companies within the same industry to share information in the fight against fraud without compromising user data or sharing PII, enabling businesses to remain compliant with global data privacy laws.

Proven technology

With a centralized command center for tracking and managing identity data, the Caf platform facilitates continuous risk profile monitoring of returning customers to keep customer profiles up to date, Caf representatives said, noting that these capabilities ensure dynamic risk management by adapting quickly to new data and evolving threats.

The solution is designed to help companies prevent real-time fraud and account takeover attempts of clients' users, they added, citing the following features and benefits:

  • User onboarding: Using AI technology to verify identities and simplify the onboarding process, this product cross-checks information with government and third-party databases globally to help reduce friction, increase revenue and optimize the user experience.
  • Know your customer (KYC): Leveraging advanced technology for comprehensive data coverage, this product incorporates customizable search rules to enhance customer identity verification.

  • Know your business (KYB) – Combining optical character recognition technology with trusted external data sources and customizable search rules, this solution facilitates in-depth verification of corporate entities, compliance with complex regulations and fraud prevention through ongoing monitoring, to drive business growth and accelerate customer onboarding.
  • Document verification: Utilizing AI technology to verify the validity of onboarding documents automatically and accurately, this solution can instantly identify fake or altered documents.

Benefiting the payments ecosystem

Caf representatives further noted that the company benefits all entities in the payments ecosystem by enabling the fast and accurate verification of identities. This reduces fraud, they said, by allowing businesses and consumers to conduct transactions seamlessly, which will be especially relevant as real-time payments become commonplace.The company affirmed that real-time payments are highly convenient for businesses and consumers but warned that RTP can also open up new avenues for fraud and abuse, because faster payments can also result in faster fraud. Since real-time transactions are near-instantaneous, detecting and stopping fraud can be difficult. Caf noted that It is difficult, if not impossible, to reverse fraudulent transactions, which is why it is important to detect and prevent fraudulent payments transactions before they occur. end of article

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