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Merchant Sales Podcasts:

Podcast #8 - Changing Consumer Payment Preference

In this episode, Patti and James start off with an interview from a lead generation expert that runs call centers for several large ISOs. You will learn how they generate leads for agents and ISOs across the industry.

Patti Murphy then talks about metrics and how consumers are changing their payment preferences in the insiders report.

We finish up the episode with questions from the field including one about high risk merchant accounts.

Podcast #7 - Interview with a Top Merchant Sales Rep

Patti and James start off this episode by interviewing Donnie Troy, a top merchant services rep who shares his experience and tips. Then they move on to a special edition of the insiders report where Patti Murphy and James Shepherd debate cash discounting and discuss the various challenges facing this new pricing structure.

Podcast #6 - Partnerships: The Key to Long Term Success

This week, Patti and James interview Ken Musante the CEO of Eureka Payments who shares his years of experience building solid, long term relationships with merchants and industry professionals.

Patti Murphy shares why true partnerships are crucial to your success and how to build the right kind and we take several great questions form the field. Thank you for listening to our podcast!

Podcast #5 - What is Happening with Cash Discounting?

In last couple of weeks, James Shepherd has spoken with over 100 agents, ISO owners and processing executives and it is obvious from these calls that cash discounting is the hottest trend in merchant sales. At the end of today's podcast episode, James shares 4 keys to selling cash discounting. You will hear an opening pitch that is working in the field as well as rebuttals to the most common objection, "My customers will be upset and I will lose business."

We start off this week's episode with 4 great questions from the field including how to get started selling merchant services and how to compete with software providers. The insider's report contains keys to building a profitable, long term book of business that has resale value and you will not want to miss this great information from Patti Murphy.

Podcast #4 - The Power of ACH and Non-Card Payments

Patti Murphy gets us started with some amazing statistics about cash and ACH Payments that will surprise you!

Then James jumps in with questions from the field, including a great question about residual buyouts. They also discuss if selling for one ISO is the best strategy.

They end the podcast with an interview that will take you back to the early days of check payments and help you understand the world of ACH payments.

Podcast #3 - Disruptors and adjusting to competitive threats

This episode begins as we interview Dee Karawadra, CEO of Impact PaySystem and an experienced industry professional and entrepreneur.

In addition to the interview, Patti Murphy from the Green Sheet gives us the Insiders' Report. She talks about disrupters and adjusting to competitive threats inside and outside the industry. I answer some questions from the field in conclusion - including a conversation about choosing an eCommerce provider and how to sell merchants who say a friend or family member services them.

Podcast #2 - Value Added Services to grow your ISO

Podcast #1 - Set Your ISO Apart

The Green Sheet Inc. has always been committed to advancing the knowledge and professionalism of merchant level salespeople. Now we're taking that commitment to a new venue: podcasts. Beginning in July, The Green Sheet, in partnership with CCSalesPro, will launch Merchant Sales Podcast.

For our first episode, we have:

Spotlight Innovators:

North American Bancard | USAePay | Impact Paysystems | Electronic Merchant Systems