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Merchant Sales Podcasts:

Podcast #42 - The Devil Is In The Details

Merchants lose billions of dollars a year to unnecessary charge backs. In this week's episode, Gary Cardone describes how Chargebacks9-1-1 leverages data and analytics to drive down charge backs, and by extension card declines. Plus, Patti discusses how the Internet of Things could change payments, and James explains the pros and cons of subscription rate pricing.

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Podcast #41 - Revenge of the Small Business

Helping SMBs go toe-to-toe with large omni-channel merchants.
In this week's episode, Vijay Sondhi, CEO of NMI, explains how NMI works with ISOs to help small & mid-sized businesses compete with the big guys through omni-channel enablement. James describes the pros and cons of flat rate pricing. And Patti reports on the latest trends in credit and debit card payments and acquirer rankings.

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Podcast #40 - Pulling Back the Curtain on Surcharging, Cash Discounting

Phil Ricci, Vice President of Sales Operations at Clearent, describes how Clearent supports different paths to success in helping merchants pass along card processing costs to customers. Options include cash discounting, surcharging, and a combination of the two. Plus James explains tiered pricing and Patti reports on Apple's credit card gambit.

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Podcast #39 - Getting Merchants to WOW!

Troy Zentner, CEO and Co-Founder of Gold Star Payments, describes a revolutionary approach to reconciliation that helps merchants realize revenue bumps upwards of 11%. James explains the pros and cons of Interchange Plus pricing. And Patti reviews the latest trends in corporate payment frauds.

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Podcast #38 - Keeping It Super Simple

The key to building lifetime relationships is in keeping it super simple, RJ Horsley, President of SpotOn Transact, explains in this week's featured interview. Plus, James discusses urgency killers and ways to overcome these in order to close deals, and Patti describes the latest trends in e-commerce sales.

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Podcast #37 - Opportunities Abound for Selling Cash Discounting

This week's podcast features an interview with Adam Ackerman, head of the ISO Sales Channel at Merchant Lynx Services. Adam explains how cash discounting is driving value for MLSs and their clients. James offers more insights for selling on value, specifically how to close a value sale. And Patti provides an update on crypto-currency trends.

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Podcast #36 - There are Many Paths to Value Selling

Making case for surcharging, instant funding; plus value-selling roadmap Robert Maynard explains how his firm, SurchX, partners with ISOs and MLSs to support compliant credit card surcharging.

James provides a roadmap for selling on value. And Patti describes merchant demand and willingness to pay for instant funding options.

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Podcast #35 - Selling on Value

James offers insights for selling on value. Le Ann Power explains how G2 Web services help ISOs and acquirers, manage e-commerce risk and card brand compliance. And, Patti discusses what recent acquirer mega-mergers could mean for ISOs and agents.

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Podcast #34 - Should I Still Sell Cash Discounting? & An Update on Crypto-Currency

Making sense of crypto-currencies, phishing & cash discounting

This week's podcast features Steve Eazell, SVP for Partner Sales at PayVida, who discusses the ins and outs of crypto-currencies. Plus, James answers a question on the minds of many agents these days: should I still sell cash discounting? And Patti offers tips for fending off phishing attacks.

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Podcast #33 - Building a Profitable Book by Helping Small Businesses Stay in Business

This week, industry veteran and Paysafe President OB Rawls explains, how selling solutions that enable merchants to grow; helps ISOs and MLSs grow their businesses. Patti discusses balancing merchant demands for less friction and greater security in payments. And, James offers insights on what to do when you can't say, "yes" to a merchant.

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Podcast #32 - Maximizing Value for Portfolio Buyouts

No portfolio is too small or too big to sell!

Learn from Denise Shomo, President of Cutter Financial, about what her firm looks for when purchasing agent portfolios. "No portfolio is too small or too large," she says. Plus, Patti provides updates on cash usage and cash discounting, and James delivers strategies for closing sales.

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Podcast #31 - Referral Networks & Online Marketing: The Future of Merchant Sales

Learn how Matt Donovan and Adam Kiefer, founding partners of Talage, an insurance company specializing in small businesses, use referral networks and online marketing to drive sales, and how these strategies can be applied successfully to merchant sales. Plus, James offers tips for making the best use of office time, and Patti explores recent changes to the card brand's charge back rules.

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Podcast #30 - Every Charge Back Tells a Story

Learn how ChargeBack Gurus works with ISOs and their partners to manage merchant charge backs and fight charge back fraud. Their motto: Every charge back tells story. Patti reports on gains in credit, debit and prepaid card usage. And, James offers his take on the transition from working an MLS job to a running successful business.

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Podcast #29 - Why every MLS should use Apple Pay

In this week's episode, David Palmer & Robert Heinrich describe how Simpay helps agents grow their portfolios by speaking to merchant pain points with payroll and POS solutions. Plus Patti discusses the relevance of contactless payments, and James explains how agents can use Apple Pay to prospect.

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Podcast #28 - 5 Keys to Building a Merchant Sales Team

Embrace these 5 keys to building as successful merchant sales team, and learn how tokenization protects eCommerce merchants and their customers.

This week James offers 5 keys to building a successful merchant services sales team. Plus Patti discusses the movement toward card data tokenization, and how ISOs, agents and their partners can get merchants and consumers on board with this proven method to protecting against card fraud.

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Podcast #27 - How to Sell 300+ Merchants Per Year and Build a Team at the Same Time

This week, James interviews a one of a kind sales professional who sold 301 merchants last year and that wasn't even close to his best year. He did this while managing a large team of agents and keeping his life in balance. In questions from the field, James presents two variations of a successful cash discount opening pitch

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Podcast #26 - The Merchant Sales Trifecta

Culture, Technology & Access to Capital: the Trifecta of Merchant Sales Team Success.

Sam Zietz describes how the company he founded and leads, TouchSuite, fuses technology, with a partnership culture and access to capital to support successful merchant sales teams. Plus, Patti reports on the the latest surcharging developments in New York, and James offers his take on charting a successful path in merchant sales.

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Podcast #25 - Cash Discounting as a Technology Play

In this week's podcast, Kyle Dove describes how his company, PaayyTech, works with ISOs and MLSs to deploy feature-rich plug-&-play POS solutions that support merchant cash discounting. Plus Patti discusses payment solutions in the emerging market for cannabis and CBD products, and James offers strategies for making the most of networking.

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Podcast #24 - Build a Profitable Book by Selling Value

Josh Smith, CEO of Gas POS, describes a universal upgrade kit that supports ongoing gas station compliance with EMV and PCI, and other value adds Gas POS considers critical to successfully serving this vertical. Patti discusses economic indicators and consumer spending trends, and James offers tips for setting and attaining goals in the New Year.

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Podcast #23 - The Road to Success is Paved with Opportunities

Expand revenue opportunities by helping clients access working capital.

Learn how Rapid Advance's Mark Cerminaro and other alternative lenders partner with ISOs and agents to grow revenue opportunities with easier access to capital. And, get James' take on a piercing question on the minds of many in merchant services: Do I have a business or a job?

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Podcast #22 - 3 Predictions for 2019 - Merchant Sales

Are you prepared to learn and adjust to change?

James puts on his prognosticator's hat and discusses 3 trends that will feature prominently in merchant sales in 2019. While Patti reflects back on front-page issues of 2018 that will continue to prevail next year.

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Podcast #21 - Capturing new verticals with sticky offerings, B2B opportunities and prospecting.

Brian Henciak and Andrew O'Connor, Co-Founders of Team Merchant, explain how they build sticky merchant relationships. Their mantra: what would Mr. Rogers do? Plus, James and Patti discuss B2B opportunities, along with prospecting and cold calling.

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Podcast #20 - Consumer Financing, The Next Hot Trend in Merchant Sales?

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Podcast #19 - Happily Married and Selling Merchants - James and Christina share their secrets to success

Learn first-hand how James and Christina Shepherd built a successful ISO business from ground zero. Plus, Patti discusses trends in credit and debit card fraud & James offers a proven strategy for pitching cash discounting.

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Podcast #18 - High Risk and How to Sell During the Holidays

Steve Duniec, President of Payment Advisors and a 25-year veteran of the merchant services industry, offers insights on strategies for selling to high-risk merchants. Patti reports on technologies that can help ISOs and MLSs deliver great customer experiences. And James offers advice on closing sales during the holidays.

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Podcast #17 - Instant Funding is Almost Here - Learn how to leverage cutting edge technology to build your book.

In this episode:

  1. Brian Shanahan and John Halpern of Pineapple Payments discuss how ISOs and agents can leverage technology for stickier merchant relationships and position their portfolios for sale.
  2. The Insider's Report with Patti takes a look at the Federal Reserve's Faster Payments initiative and what that could mean for merchant services
  3. James wraps up the episode by answering the question "How much training is too much training?"

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Podcast #16 - Growing and retaining good merchants, update on mobile payments, and more.

This episode features an interview with Cory Capoccia, President of Womply, on how his company partners with ISOs and MLSs on data-driven merchant retention strategies. Patti's Insider's Report provides the latest on mobile payments, like mobile wallets. Plus, James tackles a Question from the Field on holding 1099 agents accountable.

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Podcast #15 - Cryptocurrency Acceptance and Building a Solid Sales Team

This week's episode features an interview with John Beebe, an industry veteran who has built and sold several large merchant portfolios and now works with merchants on cryptocurrency acceptance. Plus, James and Patti field questions on building a solid sales team.

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Podcast #14 - Interview with CardX on the Visa Bulletin, surcharges and more...

In this episode, James and Patti discuss the Visa Bulletin on cash discounting and what it means for ISOs and MLSs. Plus, they speak with Jonathan Razi of CardX about selling compliant surcharging programs, and take a question from the field on POS integrations.

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Podcast #13 - What Does the Visa Settlement Mean for Merchant Sales?

Latest update on the Visa / Mastercard merchant settlement and what it might mean for your business going forward. The Insiders' report hones in on Cash Discounting - where it's at and where it's going.

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Podcast #12 - ATMs and Cash - The Past or the Future?

In this episode Patti and James discuss cash as a form of payment and the ATM Business Model. George Sarantopoulos, CEO of Access One Solutions and Chair of the National ATM Council Inc., shares his insights. His ATM business is booming; he challenges us to rethink cash. With Cash Discounting on the rise and ATM usage as prevalent as ever, the "cashless society" may turn out to be a pipe dream. After speaking with George and listening to Patti's insiders' report, that doesn't sound like a bad thing.

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Podcast #11 - How to Sell Your Portfolio or Build a Profitable Book

In this episode Patti and James talk about getting acquired. Even if you have no plans of selling your merchant accounts, you will learn from Ketih and George, co-founders of Transmerit, how to build a profitable book of business.

The Insiders' Report with Patti Murphy covers a new topic today, B2B transactions. Understanding Tier 2 and 3 interchange categories, as well as marketing strategies for B2B transactions, will unlock a multi-billion dollar marketplace for you.

Podcast #10 - Allow Your Merchants to Accept Walmart Gift Cards and Many More

In this exciting episode James and Patti interview David Allen, CEO of Braandz, a company that allows merchants to accept all major brand gift cards including Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot and hundreds more.

They follow up this interview with the insiders report. Patti talks about the current state of gift cards in the US market and shares statistics about gift card usage that will surprise you.

Make sure to stick around for questions from the field. We hope you enjoy our 10th episode!

Podcast #9 - 51 Years in Payments and Counting - Interview with Donna Embry

What can you learn by spending 51 years on the payments industry? On today's episode, Patti and James learn from Donna Embry and her years of experience.

After this interview, they talk about data breaches and security in the payments industry. Every sales rep and ISO must become an expert on these topics in the evolving payments space today.

Podcast #8 - Changing Consumer Payment Preference

In this episode, Patti and James start off with an interview from a lead generation expert that runs call centers for several large ISOs. You will learn how they generate leads for agents and ISOs across the industry.

Patti Murphy then talks about metrics and how consumers are changing their payment preferences in the insiders report.

We finish up the episode with questions from the field including one about high risk merchant accounts.

Podcast #7 - Interview with a Top Merchant Sales Rep

Patti and James start off this episode by interviewing Donnie Troy, a top merchant services rep who shares his experience and tips. Then they move on to a special edition of the insiders report where Patti Murphy and James Shepherd debate cash discounting and discuss the various challenges facing this new pricing structure.

Podcast #6 - Partnerships: The Key to Long Term Success

This week, Patti and James interview Ken Musante the CEO of Eureka Payments who shares his years of experience building solid, long term relationships with merchants and industry professionals.

Patti Murphy shares why true partnerships are crucial to your success and how to build the right kind and we take several great questions form the field. Thank you for listening to our podcast!

Podcast #5 - What is Happening with Cash Discounting?

In last couple of weeks, James Shepherd has spoken with over 100 agents, ISO owners and processing executives and it is obvious from these calls that cash discounting is the hottest trend in merchant sales. At the end of today's podcast episode, James shares 4 keys to selling cash discounting. You will hear an opening pitch that is working in the field as well as rebuttals to the most common objection, "My customers will be upset and I will lose business."

We start off this week's episode with 4 great questions from the field including how to get started selling merchant services and how to compete with software providers. The insider's report contains keys to building a profitable, long term book of business that has resale value and you will not want to miss this great information from Patti Murphy.

Podcast #4 - The Power of ACH and Non-Card Payments

Patti Murphy gets us started with some amazing statistics about cash and ACH Payments that will surprise you!

Then James jumps in with questions from the field, including a great question about residual buyouts. They also discuss if selling for one ISO is the best strategy.

They end the podcast with an interview that will take you back to the early days of check payments and help you understand the world of ACH payments.

Podcast #3 - Disruptors and adjusting to competitive threats

This episode begins as we interview Dee Karawadra, CEO of Impact PaySystem and an experienced industry professional and entrepreneur.

In addition to the interview, Patti Murphy from the Green Sheet gives us the Insiders' Report. She talks about disrupters and adjusting to competitive threats inside and outside the industry. I answer some questions from the field in conclusion - including a conversation about choosing an eCommerce provider and how to sell merchants who say a friend or family member services them.

Podcast #2 - Value Added Services to grow your ISO

Podcast #1 - Set Your ISO Apart

The Green Sheet Inc. has always been committed to advancing the knowledge and professionalism of merchant level salespeople. Now we're taking that commitment to a new venue: podcasts. Beginning in July, The Green Sheet, in partnership with CCSalesPro, will launch Merchant Sales Podcast.

For our first episode, we have:

Spotlight Innovators:

North American Bancard | USAePay | Impact Paysystem