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Modernize back-office with superior enterprise applications

In 1986, BHMI founders, owners and current leaders—Jack Baldwin, CEO; Lynne Baldwin, president; and Michael Meeks, senior vice president of software development—assembled an elite group of experts to design, develop and support an array of enterprise software applications. Today, the Omaha-based company is best known for its signature product, the Concourse Financial Software Suite, a collection of software modules focused on back-office processing of electronic transactions.

BHMI’s core competency is creating high-volume transaction processing solutions that are continuously available, highly scalable and undeniably reliable, according to company representatives. As technology evolved over the past three decades, BHMI retained its focus on developing enterprise software applications that provide value to clients and professional satisfaction to employees.

Modernizing back office systems

Casey Scheer, director of marketing and sales at BHMI, noted the company’s 70 team members include architects, software engineers, QA analysts, project managers, technical writers, trainers, and implementation and support specialists. “BHMI made the strategic decision to focus on back-office processing of electronic payments, which is processing that occurs after a transaction has been authorized,” Scheer said. “This includes areas like settlement processing, reconciliation of transaction data, calculation of fees, and management of chargebacks and disputes.” Scheer noted that BHMI’s concentration differs from software providers that focus on front-end processing. BHMI is focused on creating software solutions that modernize the payments back office. This includes supporting emerging payment methods and real-time processing environments, she explained.

BHMI clients and partners have seen improved operational efficiencies and enhanced productivity, Scheer said, adding that BHMI apps automatically load data from all transaction sources and meet service level agreements with fast, accurate settlement processing. In addition, she noted, BHMI applications ensure data integrity by automatically identifying discrepancies, reconciling transaction data and simplifying chargeback and dispute management. These benefits and competitive fee schedules have helped BHMI and our clients win more business, she pointed out.

Flagship technology suite

Reflecting on BHMI’s achievements and milestones, Scheer considered the company’s decision to create the Concourse Financial Software Suite as a defining moment in the company’s history. This signature suite of solutions consists of five modules. Describing the modules, she said, “As a modular solution including settlement, reconciliation, fees processing and disputes workflow management, Concourse reduces the cost and complexity of back-office processing and enables organizations to modernize and monetize payments processing. Concourse’s continuous processing architecture and powerful rules engine are ideally suited for real-time payment methods such as P2P and enable companies to perform back office processing for any type of payment transaction.”

Scheer further stated that the accelerating pace of change in the payments industry has created opportunities and challenges for digital commerce stakeholders, and with continuing adoption of alternative payment methods, companies need to update legacy back-office systems to support not only traditional payments but mobile, real-time and P2P payment methods. By working with BHMI, companies can expand payments acceptance within a unified payments environment and ISO 20022 message format that supports real-time rails worldwide, she added.

Client, partner benefits

Scheer noted that BHMI clients and partners can leverage software that is based on a continuous processing architecture, which means once a transaction is authorized, back-office processing such as settlement and reconciliation begins instantly. This is a completely different approach from that being used in legacy batch systems, she said, adding that the Concourse Financial Software Suite has a flexible rules engine that is fast and easy to configure.

“Bottom line, BHMI can provide payment back-office solutions that allow financial service companies to take advantage of the growing and changing opportunities in the payments industry,” Scheer said. “Going forward, we will remain focused on back-office processing requirements for all payment methods while proactively evolving the Concourse Financial Software Suite to meet new and changing requirements.” end of article

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