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Unified commerce within a single payment platform

Paynuity was established in 2019 by a team of payments executives with decades of experience in card processing, data security, IT and financial technology. By fostering interconnectivity among merchants, payment facilitators and ISOs, banks, payment acquirers and other fintech endpoints, the company facilitates seamless digital commerce, according to Paynuity Co-founder, CEO and CIO Ron Moses.

"Paynuity is a full-service payments processor uniquely positioned as a central point of payments to more than 58 different payment networks and card brand associations to globally provide plug-and-play solutions for issuers and acquirers," Moses said. "Our unique white-label software platform combines merchant services, loyalty and reward redemption, digital banking, payroll and bill pay services, digital card issuance for expense and commission payments, and customized credit and lending services to merchants and ISOs, all in one application."

Single app, multiple touchpoints

Moses further noted Paynuity's payment switch and gateway services platform enables direct-to-bank settlement for peer-to-peer and merchant-to-merchant transactions and other vertically integrated solutions. He also mentioned that Paynuity offers the following features and benefits:

  • Custom card programs: Enable community banks to build custom card programs with robust rewards and benefits from over 1,500 top tier loyalty programs, allowing the programs to directly compete with best-in-class reward credit cards from major banks. 
  • Centralized credit, underwriting: Offers a centralized credit and underwriting experience to merchants and consumers with real-time, white-glove underwriting of credit card, digital bank, and business and personal loans, backed by 24/7 support.   
  • Complex commerce solutions: Provide turnkey EMV payment solutions for gas stations, complete with in-store POS and direct integration to a processing gateway. The solutions support all types of payments at the pump, including major card brands, EFT and debit networks, PayPal, and cryptocurrency payments in both contact and contactless EMV.
  • Cross-border payment solutions: Provide a smart contract solution for immigration modernization at the border that combines passport, boarding pass and payment method data in a smart contract. The solution, which is active in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia, securely encrypts and stores visa and mandated tax and entry payments until the port authority executes the smart contract, enabling instant payment to transit authority or toll provider.
  • Multi-wallet solution: Combines digital banking in 134 currencies, crypto and stablecoin into a mobile multi-wallet solution, which enables users to convert loyalty points to currency. Account holders can set payment priorities and thresholds, using a mix of loyalty points, cash, and BNPL services and enabling this method via digital or physical credit cards.

Unified commerce, your way

Reflecting on recent milestones, Moses mentioned SWEEP POS, launched in the first quarter of 2023. It is a scalable payments and business management platform designed to support large and small businesses. In addition, he noted, Paynuity partnered with FlexCharge in November 2022, a leading payment declines recovery provider. Integrating FlexCharge's technology into the Paynuity platform has helped merchants reduce payment declines, increase revenue and improve customer loyalty, he added. "Paynuity offers a wide range of services," he said. "In addition to traditional credit and debit card processing, we also offer ecommerce solutions, including a user-friendly platform for online sales, mobile payments and a virtual terminal. Our fraud prevention tools help businesses improve security and mitigate risk."

Citing Paynuity's partnership and referral programs as a key differentiator, Moses said the company offers a variety of programs that allow ISOs and merchant level salespeople (MLSs) to earn money by referring leads or by becoming resellers. Additionally, Paynuity provides marketing and business development support to help ISOs and MLSs grow their businesses, he added. "We are fully compliant with industry regulations and have strict security protocols in place to protect data," he said. "This gives ISOs and MLSs peace of mind knowing that they are working with a company that is taking the necessary steps to protect them and their merchant customers." end of article

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ISO/MLS contact:

Zach Dillman
Director of Sales Enablement

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