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Speed onboarding, reduce risk with advanced protection

AU10TIX was founded in 2002 as a technology arm of ICTS International, a global security provider focused on border control and airport identity intelligence. The company rapidly evolved into a global provider of identity verification and management that has prioritized innovation, speed and accuracy in its more than thirty years of technology development. Ron Atzmon, the company's founder and chairman, credits AU10TIX CEO Dan Yerushalmi and a growing team of over 200 employees with the company's exponential growth, stating, "We strive to stay ahead of emerging threats, ensuring that our technology remains future-proof and capable of combating terrorism and identity fraud on a global scale."

Advanced tech stack

Yerushalmi mentioned that AU10TIX 's fully automated global identity management system can reduce manual tasks and its Identity Verification Suite can help partners complete a verification process in 4-8 seconds and onboarding in 90 seconds or less. 

"Another key differentiator is our double-layered defense system, which enables us to spot undetectable fraud with five times more forgery and risk checks than standard systems offer," he said. "Our Serial Fraud Monitor is capable of detecting organized mass attacks by utilizing advanced pattern analysis at the traffic level and cross-checking data in a consortium of more than 60 major companies."

Yerushalmi noted that the company's tech stack integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning advancements in computer vision, blockchain and software-as-a-service technology. In addition, the company noted, a customizable interface and regulatory toolbox further enable partners to perform quick and accurate risk assessments by leveraging the following solutions:

  • Identity Verification Suite: With built-in ID, age and address verification, voice and video consent, face comparisons and liveliness testing, this solution is anti-money laundering (AML) compliant and meets politically exposed persons (PEP) and sanction screening requirements.
  • Serial Fraud Monitor: Using advanced neural networks, this solution monitors fraud patterns and behavior and evolving patterns in customer traffic while cross-checking data against a consortium of trusted users.
  • Reusable Digital ID: Designed to simplify ID verification, this collaboration with Microsoft helps enterprises reduce onboarding costs, automate workflows and enhance security by enabling end users to control data sharing and store information locally in tamper-proof digital wallets.
  • AU10TIX platform: Unifying the company's backend technology and frontend interfaces, this centralized orchestration hub delivers 360-degree identity verification in a single platform.
  • Business Verification (KYB/KYC): With a single API, this platform covers everything from basic validation to enhanced due diligence, including KYC for ultimate beneficial owners and associated entities. The fully automated solution is designed to drive end-to-end efficiency and increased accuracy in all verification processes.

Partner, reseller benefits

In an era when identity verification is the linchpin of secure transactions, AU10TIX's technology provides formidable defense against the rising tide of identity fraud, according to AU10TIX representatives, who noted that the company's AI, security databases and advanced neural networks, with advanced monitoring and detection capabilities, can help channel partners and their clients bolster fraud detection and prevention mechanisms.

AU10TIX's streamlined ID verification process can reduce verification times to mere seconds, to expedite customer onboarding and improve conversion rates, which they maintained are vital metrics in the competitive payments landscape, company representatives noted. By combining a seamless onboarding experience with rigorous security standards, they added, AU10TIX is helping enterprise clients throughout the world to cultivate trust and loyalty.

AU10TIX emphasized that its expertise in navigating local regulatory landscapes ensures compliance while facilitating international expansion opportunities. The company encourages ISOs, merchant level salespeople and payments industry stakeholders to join its global network of companies seeking to thrive in an ecosystem where identity verification is not merely a requirement but a cornerstone of trust and reliability. end of article

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Udi Abram
Vice President Legal, General Counsel 
+972 52 285 7096 

Company Profile originally appeared in
The Green Sheet Issue 240301

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