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Modernize AP systems with secure technology suite

AP Technology began creating payment systems for the U.S. government in the 1980s. Today, its customers process more than $120 billion in payments annually, utilizing the company's suite of secure payment solutions, which include card, ACH and check payment solutions. These advanced technologies reflect a 30-year heritage of innovative secure products and services, stated Greg Wilfahrt, chief mobility and marketing officer at AP Technology.

"Banks, financial institutions, government agencies and businesses trust our expertise in check payments and accounts payable," he said. "They integrate our solutions into key banking systems, Core, OFAC, SSO, messaging and more."

Wilfahrt further noted that AP Technology helps businesses solve payment problems and enhance back-office and accounting systems through its extensive range of tech-driven solutions for businesses of all sizes. The company works with small and midsize clients that may need to securely add logos and signatures to checks and documents, he noted, as well as larger enterprises with more complex, multifaceted requirements.

APSecure framework

Describing the APSecure system as a versatile, secure, customizable solution, Wilfahrt noted it can adapt to a wide range of institutions and use cases. The platform offers features and benefits to banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, law firms, government offices and enterprise clients with high payment volumes and complex disbursement requirements.

As service providers discontinue various check, ACH and payment processing solutions, Wilfahrt said, the APSecure framework offers feature-rich replacements. GOVePay, for example, supports government projects; SecureCheck 9, designed for small and midsize businesses, can replace Secure 32 and create-a-check software solutions. In addition, he said, the platform's secure remote checking printing module has been a popular staple among banks and credit unions that enables their clients to request and print cashier checks from anywhere.

"The AP Technology suite of secure payment products ensures that nearly any business entity can modernize and improve their accounts payable processes," Wilfahrt stated, adding that solutions are cloud and mobile payments friendly. "Many of the company's business customers still negotiate payments with traditional checks; AP Technology is payment agnostic and can serve their current needs while easing them into electronic payments at a manageable pace," he said.

Client-centric innovation

Wilfahrt went on to say that AP Technology works directly with clients and partners to address their needs in the ever-changing marketplace. Checkrun, a Cloud-based SAAS solution, was developed in response to growing demand for a solution that can easily sync with QuickBooks Online, he stated. The resulting solution enables users to manage multiple accounts at once.

"Checkrun provides advanced scheduling, bill pay and payment workflows from the Cloud of our mobile approval app," he said, pointing out that the solution comes with built-in Positive Pay fraud protection.

In addition to helping users modernize account payables by eliminating inefficient manual processes, AP Technology provides anytime, anywhere payment management workflows, Wilfahrt said. Plus, all products and services are delivered by API's experienced payment professionals, API developers and support representatives, all of whom are committed to partner success.

Partner-first philosophy

Accounts payables should not be stressful or intimidating, Wilfahrt emphasized. He believes that whether staff members work in an office or remotely, AP Technology can help make the business payment processes more secure, more efficient, more automated, more modern and, in many cases, less expensive.

He urged companies to work with AP Technology to identify the right payment solution that fits the unique ways they and their merchant partners are doing business. AP Technology, he noted, is proud to work with a broad range of ISOs and sales partners that offer select AP Technology products to their network or channel, and he would love to hear from interested ISOs and potential sales partners to set up a time to get together and explore the best opportunities. end of article

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AP Technology

AP Technology

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ISO/MLS Contact: Greg Wilfahrt
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