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Remittance platform and more

Founded in 1992, RT Lawrence Corp. initially developed automated document management systems. It turned to remittance-based imaging solutions when company executives recognized a growing need for this type of service. RTL has since branched out into three business units – remittance solutions, lockbox services and electronic payments – serving government, utility, insurance, nonprofit and other industries in the United States and Canada.

"Our main business goal has been to be a single source solution provider for all of our clients' payment processing needs, which include in-house remittance processing systems, back-end imaging archival solutions, lockbox services, ACH/Check 21 check conversion services, credit card payment solutions, and e-bill payment and presentment," said Diane Cunanan, Relationship Manager for RTL.

Flagship sets the course

Soon after transitioning to remittance-based imaging solutions, RTL launched its flagship product, RTLFiRST. The image-based payment processing application makes it possible for government agencies and private enterprises to track real-time payment balances, dues, donations, fees and other revenue. Modules for automated clearing house (ACH) conversion are available, as are front-counter and remote-office solutions.

"We develop our own payment software solutions and can tailor them based on client business requirements," Cunanan said. Designed to process any combination of payments, RTL software allows users to establish special rules configurations. Utilizing the latest in imaging and handwriting recognition technology, the intended goal is to streamline and accelerate the entire process of collecting and processing funds, the company noted.

RTL's software can address special circumstances that may arise from insurance policy lapses. For example, rules can be applied that automatically reinstate a policy or accept money orders only. RTLFiRST can be configured with government host billing systems to automatically sort payments from different batches, read each check and verify it against the on-time or late payment amount. Address changes and "bad check" writers can be flagged and updated.

"Once scanned into our system, images and payment information from each check can be easily seen from nearly all computers," RTL stated. According to RTL, nonprofit organizations can perform donation forecasting based on receivables data collected in real time. Staff can also search original payments, track orders and requests received, and process donations all within the integrated system. The lockbox service collects, consolidates, and processes payments and donations, depositing them into designated business accounts.

Payment channels open

RTL reported that, as a registered ISO, it has created its own Level 1 Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) -compliant payment gateway for web-based processing applications. Through its technology partners, the company also offers mobile payment processing at reduced interchange rates for merchants who qualify. Customer service is available around the clock. And RTL boasts a competitive agent residual share and incentive program complete with bonuses.

"We know that closing the deal is only half of the profitability equation; the other half is creating a 'sticky' relationship that allows you to serve the merchant better and thus retain their business for the maximum length of time," Cunanan said. "Whether you're serving the mom-and-pop merchant or the business receiving thousands of payments each day, RTL can keep you in control of the service relationship."

Through RTL's PayChannel division, merchant level salespeople (MLSs) can focus on acquiring new accounts from entities that process payments by mail, phone, online and at physical locations. The PayChannel e-Bill Presentment Solution delivers electronic billing with recurring payment and customer information storage as options. An e-payment solution, QuickClear, unites front-office and remote-office payments with an organization's main back-office system to centralize payment functions.

RTL also assigns a design team to each web development project. "Our team of web designers will work directly with your team to create a payment collection website that best mirrors the look and feel of your website," the company stated. "We host your payment collection page to meet PCI compliance requirements." end of article

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RT Lawrence Corp.

RT Lawrence Corp.

ISO/MLS contact:

Diane Cunanan
Relationship Manager
562-696-4843, ext. 107

Company Profile originally appeared in
The Green Sheet Issue 140102

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