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Monday, July 15, 2024

Green Sheet interviews Bluefin's Ruston Miles on processor diversity

The Green Sheet recently had the opportunity to connect with Ruston Miles, who co-founded Bluefin in 2007 with the core belief that a brand’s value is ultimately tied to its ability to deliver a secure, yet frictionless, customer experience. In this interview, Miles shares his views on the benefits of working with multiple processors and drawbacks to relying on just one processor.

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Merchant Sales Podcast
Merchant Sales Podcast
July 12th, 2024
Raising Capital for Growth

Learn strategies for successfully raising capital to grow your ISO from a panel of experts in this week's featured interview. Plus Patti reports on predictions for travel spending.

The Green SheetOnline Edition – Issue 24:07:01

Merchants take interchange battle to the states

By Patti Murphy

Hampered in their efforts to secure a federal law regulating credit card interchange, merchants have turned to the states. A new law in Illinois prohibits interchange assessments on sales taxes and gratuities, effective next July, and legislation pending in at least four other states would impose similar prohibitions, including Pennsylvania which is poised to vote on its iteration as of this writing.

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This week's featured contributor:

Bank Associates Merchant Services
Bank Associates Merchant Services

Knowing that a square peg will never be happy in a round hole, New York-based payment processor BAMS aims to ensure that merchants and agents are offered the right choices for their unique use cases when selecting their processing platform, consumer acceptance methods, and gateway solutions.

The BAMS Blog

The BAMS Blog offers curated information on navigating the often choppy waters of merchant services and helps educate, inform and assist merchats with making beneficial business decisions based on current trends.

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Spotlight Innovators

Company profile from GS240602

Drive revenue, scale operations with B2B cellular connectivity

OptConnect began life in 2000 as a Grant Victor company, providing cellular routers for ATMs. After years of selling routers as ATM accessories, the company expanded into other markets and established OptConnect LLC in 2009, a global wireless connectivity provider that offers a range of cellular connectivity options, from self-managed to fully managed solutions. Chris Baird, president and CEO of OptConnect, said the company is focused on simplifying connectivity. "One size doesn't fit all, especially when it comes to cellular connectivity," he said, adding that OptConnect provides IoT project expertise, resources and support.

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