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Friday, June 21, 2024

Quick takes: Things that caught our eye this week

This week we're spotlighting the impact of hybrid work on meeting dynamics and employee retention, AmEx's agreement to acquire Tock from Squarespace, the ETA's Strategic Leadership Forum coming up in September, and a rising star in financial services.

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Merchant Sales Podcast
Merchant Sales Podcast
June 21st, 2024
Get the Bead on the $30 Billion Settlement Between Visa-Mastercard and Merchants

This week James & Patti interview industry attorneys James Huber and Matt Luciani on the proposed $30 billion legal settlement Visa and Mastercard just inked with retailers to make a longstanding lawsuit go away. Then James interviews uber-salesman Rich Norton on mastering the one-call close, and Patti reports on research into consumer and business payments preferences.

The Green SheetOnline Edition – Issue 24:06:01

Flashback: a checks retrospective

By the late nineteenth century, checks in the United States had already become a dominant form of payment. As the 21st century approaches, most U.S. consumers continue to find the paper check as much a household staple as food and clothing, and considerably more enduring in their lives.

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The Green Sheet, Inc.Community Voices

This week's featured contributor:

Jay Myers, Bold Commerce

Jay Myers runs Bold Commerce with his co-founders Stefan Maynard, Eric Boisjoli and Yvan Boisjoli. Bold Commerce has 20+ apps designed to help ecommerce entrepreneurs make more money online and serves over 100,000 entrepreneurs.

Own Your Commerce Podcast

This weekly show is for ecommerce brands looking to scale, stay ahead of trends and be a part of the conversation driving ecommerce forward. Jay Myers, host and co-founder of Bold Commerce, interviews industry thought leaders and merchants that have built wildly successful brands, and shares up to date content on what's new in the ecommerce world.

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Spotlight Innovators

Company profile from GS240601

Drive efficiencies at scale with automated invoicing

Basware was founded in 1985 in Finland, at a time when paperwork still involved paper, and lots of it. Though the digital revolution was making it possible to digitize and automate internal processes, AP clerks still spent days wading through stacks of envelopes, and CFOs wondered why processing invoices was almost as expensive as paying them. That's when a team of Finnish finance software experts decided to solve the paperwork problem for AP teams, by building the world's first invoice processing software with what they identified as a "scan & capture" workflow designed to digitize paper invoices.

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