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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Twitter jolted by massive attack, mentions of Bitcoin soar

Fraudsters hacked into a large swath of prominent U.S. Twitter users' accounts on July 15, 2020, posting scam fundraising requests or other traps involving Bitcoin. Posts appeared for a few minutes and then disappeared and, in some cases, were replaced by other fraudulent posts in rapid succession. Major interruptions to service occurred while Twitter addressed the issue. Several media organizations have reported this appears to be the worst hack to date of a major social media platform.

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The Green SheetOnline Edition – Issue 20:07:01

App markets reimagined, reborn

By Dale S. Laszig

A decade after app marketplaces burst onto the payments scene, forever changing commerce, digital apps are breaking free of original models. As apps are subsumed into next-gen technology platforms and services, they become part of a global payments ecosystem and the Internet of Things (IoT). In this article, payments industry leaders discuss how their original app concepts and marketplaces have evolved into new digital solutions and possibilities.

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Merchant Sales Podcast
Merchant Sales Podcast
July 13th, 2020
Building Partnerships that Drive Growth; Cash Discounting to Larger Merchants

Discover why Dustin Magaziner, Managing Partner at PayBright, believes truly free terminal placements are the future of merchant sales. Plus James has advice for keeping cash discounting clients happy long term, and Patti explains why ISOs and agents should be diligent about keeping bad actors off the payment networks.

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