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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Amazon pauses planned ban on UK Visa cards

Amazon pressed the hold button on its decision to stop accepting Visa credit cards issued by UK banks. Amazon disclosed the decision in a Jan. 17, 2022, email to UK customers, although it left open the possibility that it might follow through on its threat at a later date.

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The Green SheetOnline Edition – Issue 22:01:01

Digital commerce in 2022 - Part 1

By Dale S. Laszig

Advanced payment technologies are meeting the needs of a changing world. In this two-part series, payments industry leaders discuss four pillars of digital commerce—security, intelligence, agility and transparency—and their predicted impact on consumers, industry trends and regulatory landscapes in 2022.

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Build value, relationships beyond payment processing

Savify, formerly known as National Benefit Programs, is headquartered in Atlanta. Founded in 2009 by Gary Alloy, CEO; Diane Vogt Faro, president; and Rob Riggs, chief technology officer; the company helps small and midsize businesses grow and scale through affordable access to essential products and services. "Savify empowers ISOs, acquirers, and payment processors to increase value beyond processing by leveraging the bargaining power of hundreds of thousands of SMBs across the US," Alloy said. "We negotiate significant discounts with national retailers and service providers that a small business would not have the power to negotiate on their own, lowering their operating expenses and helping them become more profitable."

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Merchant Sales Podcast
Merchant Sales Podcast
January 17th, 2022
Learn about instant onboarding of merchants

Merchant onboarding is a huge pain point, for merchants and agents, alike. Under.io has automated the manual application process, as well as underwriting and related steps. Jeff Shea, Co-Founder and COO at Under, explains how. Also this week: James offers advice for auditing your sales processes, and Patti reports on crypto payments at the point of sale.

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