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Friday, May 20, 2022

Worldline taps India’s ecommerce, demographic dividends

As firms expand globally, India’s diverse, digital-first economy offers unparalleled opportunities in international ecommerce, according to Ramesh Narasimhan, chief executive officer, India, Worldline Merchant Services, a leading payments and transactional services provider. In a recent interview with The Green Sheet, Narasimhan described India’s market, detailing how Worldline’s cross-border services have removed barriers to entry in the region.

“We’re experiencing a demographic dividend, with 75 percent of India’s population under 45 years of age,” Narasimhan said, noting these tech-savvy consumers rely on mobile phones to authenticate online and mobile app transactions. And unlike China’s manufacturing, export-led economy, India is a consumption economy, he added, with a massive appetite.

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The Green SheetOnline Edition – Issue 22:05:01

Payment standards: more talk, more action

By Dale S. Laszig

The payments journey is a story of discovery, innovation and progress. For individual agents, ISOs, processors and security providers, the journey has not always been smooth; close encounters with bad actors led to stricter measures designed to mitigate risk and protect against threats. Through the years, these remedial approaches to security have evolved from recommended best practices to richly interactive discussions among all industry stakeholders.

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Under was founded in Chicago in 2019 by Mike Abramovic and Jeff Shea to bring transparency to payments engineering, sales and technology. The former Payline Data executives wanted to start afresh with a new tech-driven ISO following the 2018 sale of Payline Data. The fintech startup raised its first round of funding in 2019 shortly after its inception, followed by a second round in 2022. Today the Chicago-based company's 10 full-time employees, part-time workers and engineering interns provide end-to-end integration services to ISOs, processors and ISVs.

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Merchant Sales Podcast
Merchant Sales Podcast
May 16th, 2022
Empowering Merchants to Beat the Odds on Chargebacks

SMBs are losing money hand over fist due to chargebacks. This week, Jack Shenon, Founder & CEO at ChargeSentry, explains why, and how ISOs and merchant sales reps can make it their business to shift this paradigm. Then James offers some advice on how sales reps can refine their craft, and Patti has an update on consumer card preferences.

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