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Modernize banking with innovative fintech platform

When Enacomm founder and Chief Executive Officer Michael Boukadakis needed additional capital to grow Enacomm the big box banks turned him away. Fortunately, a small community bank in Tulsa, Okla., was willing to take a chance on a fintech startup. Today, that partnership is 35 years strong. With nearly four decades of time-honored expertise in fintech solutions, Enacomm continues to work with financial institutions of all sizes, from small and midsize credit unions to global banking enterprises, never forgetting the small bank that got him his start, Boukadakis stated.

"To survive, all financial institutions need to meet today's high digital standards," he said, noting that customer experience is key to success in financial services.

Interactive, personalized technology

During its first three decades, Enacomm provided interactive voice response technology to a variety of industries before pivoting to the financial services sphere. The company then focused on creating data-driven technology solutions tailored to the needs of banks, credit unions, and credit card and payments companies, efforts that culminated in the 2023 release of emerie, an AI-based intelligent virtual assistant.

Designed to help companies save time and money, emerie can provide fast access to data and take over routine tasks, which gives agents more time to focus on customers and members, Boukadakis noted. He also pointed out that when integrated with Enacomm's suite of self-service solutions, the solution can operate across a variety of communications channels such as web chat, mobile, phone and SMS.

Bridging gaps, driving innovation

Boukadakis went on to say that Enacomm's open API digital gateway integrates payments, customer experience (CX) and digital financial services platforms, which, he added, can help financial institutions bridge old banking platforms with transformative new technology solutions.

The company stated its fintech solutions provide a range of benefits, such as improving the CX, fighting financial fraud, and increasing operational efficiency. By utilizing web, mobile, SMS texts, email, voice, chatbots and other communication technology channels, Enacomm solutions harness artificial intelligence, big data, biometrics and other advanced technologies, all of which are designed to help banks and credit unions provide customers and members with a modern, secure, user-friendly omnichannel self-service experience, Enacomm added.

Growth-oriented heritage

To accommodate its fast-growing team, the company relocated to a penthouse suite in the heart of Tulsa's financial district while maintaining its focus on serving the entire banking community with tiered pricing designed to accommodate small and midsize financial institutions as well as major enterprises.

"Enacomm has built a vast network of relationships and connections throughout the banking world over the past 38 years that opens doors and makes available tools for solving nearly any technological challenge," Boukadakis said, noting that the company's open API digital gateway supports open banking.

Access to quality data and open banking will help financial services companies innovate, he added, and overcome complexities of integrating to core, payments and other digital platforms. In fact, he noted, the gateway's abstraction layer even allows modern technology solutions to be adopted by institutions with outdated cores.

Democratizing fintech

Community banks and credit unions will continue to face challenges from big box financial institutions and neobanks alike, Boukadakis noted, stating that Enacomm stands ready to assist community financial organizations by providing state-of-the-art technologies and services that allow them to compete in today's fast-moving economy.

As he reflected on the changing marketplace, Boukadakis said Enacomm was studying and incorporating artificial intelligence into its fintech solutions long before the generative AI boom. He also hinted at a major rebranding that is already underway.

"Now that we've brought our secure, industry-compliant interactive virtual assistant to life, it's time that our name reflects our evolution," he said. "We're excited to rebrand with a new company name very soon." end of article

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