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August 26, 2019 • Issue 19:08:02

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A tech-centric wiki

We recently received a note from Dr. Frederik Lipfert, CEO of Speedcheck, in response to an archived article published in our New Products section more than 10 years ago – Jan. 21, 2009. The article refers readers to Wikipedia for a definition. In his note, excerpted below, Lipfert mentioned an alternative resource to Wikipedia: Speedcheck Wiki – The IT Encyclopedia.

"I love Wikipedia as a project," Lipfert wrote. "One thing I noticed, however, is that some of the articles are written too formally for ordinary people (without an IT education) to understand, so we put together a guide that's far more user-friendly, which of course is designed for the wider audience. You can check it out … here: www.speedcheck.org/wiki/. We also tried to cover technical angles and practical issues a user might experience."

We wish to thank Dr. Lipfert for informing us of this wiki. (A wiki is a website that enables users to collaboratively edit its content and structure.)

CPP certification

From what I've heard, the ETA was promoting the Certified Payments Professional program when it started the program, but now it doesn't seem to have any traction. What gives? My ISO doesn't think the CPP is worth it, and I'm leaning in the same direction. Is there some kind of definitive conclusion on this?

Luke Madurol, MLS


We do not have data on the effectiveness of the Electronic Transactions Association's CPP program. The ETA maintains a web page that details the programs array benefits at www.electran.org/certification/eta-cpp-program/.

Our MLS Forum also has a thread begun July 30, 2019, and titled "Certified Payment Professionals" where several members have shared their perspectives on the program. To read and comment on that thread, you'll need to be a member of the MLS Forum, and you can join that via the Forums tab on our home page, www.greensheet.com.


Are you a CPP?

If you're a CPP, we'd love to hear what your experience with the program is. We'll welcome your thoughts on other industry issues as well at greensheet@greensheet.com. end of article

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