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November 14, 2022 • Issue 22:11:01

Readers Speak: Call in the experts

Brian Peter Brinig, an economist, law professor and author, reached out to encourage qualified professionals to become expert witnesses at trials involving the complex payments and fintech sphere.

"Expert witnesses can have a significant impact on the outcome of a trial," Brinig wrote. "Expert witness testimony can make or break a case, and in many instances, can save a life or help provide justice. As such, professional courtroom consultants are in high demand."

Brinig, whose business is based at brianbrinig.com, makes the case in his upcoming book, Mastering the Art of Expert Witness Testimony, that there are many benefits to adding expert witness consultation to your skill set.

"Acting as a designated expert witness can elevate your professional status," he wrote. "It can also increase recognition among your peers; it is a different and exciting area in which to practice; it can expand your avenues of professional opportunities; and perhaps most importantly, it can be very lucrative." Some additional aspects of expert witness testimony Brinig explores in his newest book include strategies and tactics of expert witness testimony, developing your expert opinion, surviving the expert witness deposition and cross-examination, the difference between the expert's role and the lawyer's role, legal privileges related to expert witnesses, and how to market expert witness services.

While Brinig's prior publications are primarily geared for legal professionals, his 2020 guide, Mastering Self-Discipline, like his forthcoming book on expert testimony, is for a broader audience. "Self-discipline," he wrote, "is a life skill that can be readily learned when it is intelligently approached. It is more complicated—and easier—than merely forcing yourself to work harder. The exercise of self-discipline can be made easier by understanding the larger context of a personal achievement process."

Are you ready to testify?

Have you given expert testimony at trial? If so, do you plan to take the stand again? What did you find the pros and cons to be? If you haven't testified as an expert, do you think doing so would enhance your business as a professional in the payments sphere? Let us know at greenshett@greensheet.com. end of article

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