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November 14, 2022 • Issue 22:11:01

Letter from the editor

The tremendous speed, functionality and flexibility that ISOs, merchant level salespeople and other merchant services providers in a variety of partnership formats can now offer to merchants were merely aspirational not that long ago. Today, in addition to improved outcomes for acquirers and businesses that accept payments, technical innovations have created a greater need for agility. This issue's lead article delves into a number of key ways in which agility is integral to all corners of the payments and fintech ecosystem, from the payment rails themselves to software and hardware design, fraud prevention, disaster recovery, business continuity and much more. Partnerships, as well as competition between traditional payments providers and value-added services providers and independent software vendors contributes to the innovation and agility we are seeing today, but along with these partnerships comes the need to be aware of the opportunities and challenges they present. And one contributor to this issue illuminates them from a legal perspective to help those exploring new relationships.

Other contributors explore why businesses can boost the likelihood they'll attain long-term success by accepting mobile payments; why it's important to create an environment where your sales team feels valued and trusted, and how you can do that; why the payments community opposes and retailers love the Credit Card Competition Act, which would require that every merchant get to choose which network processes its credit card payments; and why expressions of gratitude among family, friends, colleagues and clients are appropriate throughout the year, not just on Thanksgiving.

News highlighted herein includes coverage of recent meetings separately hosted by Amadis and nexo standards to address efforts to standardize global payment acceptance; the FTC's investigation of Visa and Mastercard's security tokens for potentially restricting debit card routing competition in online payments; the CFPB's lawsuit against Active Network LLC, alleging the firm tricked people registering for fundraising events into enrolling in its subscription discount club; record attendance at a recent meeting of the FIDO Alliance; LexisNexis Risk Solutions' probe of the escalating cost of fraud; and the National ATM Council's plans for the future as it enters its second decade.

Also included are company and product profiles, updates on a number of individual and company milestones in our sphere, Resource Guide listings spotlighting potential partners and service providers, and more. If you have questions or feedback, please email greensheet@greensheet.com; to share your news, please send a press release to press@greensheet.com. end of article

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