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May 09, 2022 • Issue 22:05:01

New Products

Accelerate international reach with nexo-based POS app

Product: Amadis One
Company: Amadis

Amadis, a global payment software technology provider, enhanced Amadis One, the company's SoftPOS framework that supports traditional payment terminals and Android devices. The cost-effective, broadly compatible platform leverages the nexo standard and works independently of EMV Level 2 processing frameworks, according to company representatives, who claim it can reduce time to market and related maintenance costs.

Emmanuel Haydont, CEO at Amadis, cited a recent PayPlug deployment in France as an example of Amadis One's market-ready capabilities. "The new PayPlug application represents a new era for payments acceptance, and we are excited to be a part of their solution," he said. "With nexo protocols a reality for customers, Amadis simplifies nexo deployments and reduces costs, while helping enterprises accelerate deployments and access to multiple countries."

Antoine Grimaud, CEO at PayPlug, concurred, stating that the new PayPlug application, powered by Amadis One, enables store associates to bring the checkout experience to every point of interaction, wherever consumers shop. "Amadis provided us with an effective way to offer our small and midsize enterprise customers innovative, new ways to accept card-present payments," he said. "We expect the solution to drive new revenue opportunities for our customers while generating new points of payment acceptance in multiple countries and enhancing the customer experience."

Universal commerce enablement

Amadis representatives additionally noted that the Amadis One SoftPOS application works on personal and commercial grade devices, including near field communication (NFC) and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) devices, such as smartphones, tablets, as well as traditional terminals and commercial-grade POS systems.

Jacques Soussana, secretary general at nexo standards, commended Amadis and partner PayPlug for fully utilizing the nexo standard. "Our specifications and protocols remove the barriers traditionally present in the payment acceptance ecosystem, including within non-traditional environments such as mobile acceptance platforms like smartphones, tablets and COTS," he said, adding that Amadis simplified the underpinning nexo standard in PayPlug's application within its open, standards-based, nexo-compliant framework. Amadis and PayPlug representatives agreed that incorporating Amadis One into PayPlug's new application substantially accelerated their international rollout across multiple regions and devices. The PayPlug software is built on Amadis One SoftPOS and Arkos nexo payment acceptance, they added, stating these two core Amadis frameworks enable enterprises to operate independently of any specific payments ecosystem, hardware platform or operating system.

Modular frameworks

Haydont further noted that Amadis One's modular frameworks and localization capabilities are key differentiators that enable Amadis partners to support a variety of local currencies and payment schemes as they deliver compliant, scalable, platform-agnostic, end-to-end solutions and services to disparate regions around the world.

"We allow clients and partners to build and, subsequently, grow infrastructure with built-in flexibility and accommodation for change and expansion—into additional geographic regions and new verticals," Haydont said. "This modularity and compliance supports whatever existing software clients may have, and when Amadis One and Arkos are used together, they enable the first off-the-shelf fully compliant SoftPOS payment acceptance software in full compliance with EMV, Nexo, ISO2022 and Payment network specifications."

Noting that Amadis One SoftPOS Framework and Arkos payment acceptance solution are mutually compatible, Haydont pointed out that Amadis One complies with EMV Level 2, PCI C-POC and Payment Network requirements and Arkos complies with nexo/ISO20022 requirements. Both frameworks are also brandable and customizable, he explained.

"Amadis One and Arkos are available as white-label solutions, allowing ISOs, agents and sales channel partners to build competitive solutions with limited risks and investments, while lowering costs and accelerating time to market," Haydont said. "This open, modular and universal approach to payments appears disruptive but is becoming more mainstream as merchants move away from proprietary solutions, devices, contracts and relationships." end of article

Website: www.amadis.ca Contact: contact@amadis.ca

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