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September 13, 2021 • Issue 21:09:01

New Products

Ultrasonic technology for full, touchless commerce

Product: Secure Device Association (SDA)
Company: LISNR Inc.

LISNR, an advanced technology provider, added Secure Device Association (SDA) to its technology suite. Designed to securely verify customers through their mobile devices, the solution sends proximity verification tokens over LISNR's ultrasonic technology rails. These combined capabilities enrich the overall customer experience, company representatives stated.

Eric Allen, chief executive officer at LISNR, described the company's platform as a secure, dynamic and non-captive exchange that transmits data through advanced audio technologies. "The ability to allow merchants to offer secure touchless authentication solutions with the flexibility of range or distance is a huge benefit," he said. "We offer merchants the flexibility to deploy our services at various points of engagement across the customer journey."

Easy integration

Allen additionally noted that LISNR is cost-effective and easy to implement compared with other proximity solutions. LISNR's software-based verification service utilizes inexpensive standard audio components, which are designed to meet merchant security requirements while reducing total cost of ownership, he stated.

"LISNR's SDA proximity token service is the next step in our commitment towards a secure, on-premise authentication," Allen said. "Addressing the needs of our retail, fintech and mobility customers, LISNR proximity tokens verify authorized clients with online to on-premise payment validation, secure entry, and age verification."

Acknowledging that security best practice can be complicated, Allen noted that LISNR's reusable software blocks in the SDA micro-wallet are designed to simplify integration. These elements, provided in concert with our LISNR Point and Radius SDK, provide drop-in integration for a faster deployment, he added.

Merchant, partner benefits

When integrated into online and in-store POS systems, LISNR's SDA service detects online and in-store transactions and authenticates customers by generating a unique proximity token for each transaction, Allen pointed out. He cited the following additional features and benefits of the LISNR SDA proximity token service:

  • Reduce fraud: Validating authorized recipients helps online merchants reduce fraud.
  • Improve analytics: Providing online analytics and on-premise transaction data helps merchants gain customer and fulfillment insights and data. Expedite development: Leveraging LISNR's reusable building blocks and common code elements needed in the merchant wallet for secure authentication expedites SDA integration.
  • Simplify implementation: Integrating LISNR directly into merchant and partner applications, through LISNR's Point or Radius software development kit, simplifies coding and enables users to transmit, receive and verify proximity tokens in an all-inclusive solution.
  • Streamline touchless commerce: Providing simple, touchless data exchange eliminates the burden of trying to scan optical codes.

Built to scale

LISNR works with commerce enablers across the merchant omnichannel payment flow, including ISOs, agents and sales channel partners, Allen stated, adding that the company helps partners increase per transaction revenue streams and shift from on-premise rent or license models to driving increased revenues through transactions.

"LISNR helps partners secure the customer journey all the way through the actual payment verification," Allen said. "Implementation of other modalities or services in the proximity validation space have proven to be very expensive or even impossible, trying to surmount the captive nature of the technology."

Allen cited LISNR's rapid adoption rate as further proof of its value, stating it has consistently trended at twice the average adoption rate of digital solutions. The company's compound annual growth rate of over 50 percent between January and September 2021 clearly demonstrates that LISNR is a timely contactless solution for omnichannel commerce, he stated. end of article

Website: https://lisnr.com Contact: info@lisnr.com

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