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September 13, 2021 • Issue 21:09:01

New Products

Protect and authenticate with real-time facial recognition

Product: FaceMe eKYC
Company: CyberLink

CyberLink, a technology provider specializing in artificial intelligence and digital media, launched FaceMe eKYC, a biometric solution that uses facial recognition to protect applications. Powered by deep learning AI algorithms, FaceMe is used by numerous industries and was rated 99.8 percent accurate by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in a Visa border test, according to company representatives.

Richard Carriere, senior vice president, global marketing and U.S. general manager at CyberLink, pointed out that FaceMe eKYC is widely used in banking, financial services and insurance industries and can be integrated into almost any technology stack.

"We've developed close working relationships with chipset manufacturers, allowing us to optimize FaceMe's comprehensive features across 10 operating systems and a ton of platforms," Carriere said, adding that the technology is available as an SDK and FaceMe Security, a turnkey software package used in security, access control and healthcare applications.

Diverse deployments

Carriere noted that FaceMe eKYC can be deployed at the network edge, on servers, in the cloud and in hybrid environments. In addition, he noted, financial institutions deploy FaceMe eKYC to protect customers from biometric fraud across a range of fintech applications, including:

  • Facial recognition: Real-time, accurate facial recognition, including 1:1 facial recognition performed on handheld devices, protects against multiple types of fraud.
  • Anti-spoofing: Secure anti-spoofing, using 2D or 3D cameras, prevents biometric fraud in financial and access control scenarios, including ATMs, branch terminals and mobile banking.
  • Account creation: Biometric verification enables customers to set up a bank account quickly and securely or streamline the insurance application process.
  • Cardless ATM access: Cardless ATM access pairs a PIN with a 1:1 match of a customer's face to an image on file.
  • Secure mobile banking: Facial recognition enables customers who opt in to securely log in to mobile banking platforms and verify their identities during virtual financial consultations.
  • Characteristic assessment: Analysis of characteristics such as age, gender, mood and head orientation enables customers to answer questions with head nodding, delivering real-time feedback to help operators holistically assess customer satisfaction.

Partnership models, opportunities

Carriere mentioned that FaceMe eKYC can help ISOs and merchant level salespeople provide an extra layer of rapid, accurate security to payment transactions. The solution can also enable secure dual-factor authentication, he added.

"We work with sales channel partners to provide their customers with the most innovative and flexible biometric verification solutions for their businesses," Carriere said. "Since FaceMe itself is a software rather than a physical product, our offering can quickly be integrated into any tech stack or physical device, such as kiosks or internet protocol (IP) cameras."

While Carriere acknowledged that advocacy groups have criticized facial recognition, he emphasized CyberLink's commitment to ethical implementation. He also noted that CyberLink believes facial recognition should be embraced for its enhanced security and ability to streamline and protect processes across a variety of industries.

The company will continue to be a pioneer in the facial recognition space, he stated, by being involved, open and transparent about how the technology works, how it should be used and how individual privacy can be protected. end of article

Website: www.cyberlink.com Contact: FaceMe_US@cyberlink.com

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