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June 10, 2019 • Issue 19:06:01

New Products

Subscription-based plans leverage secure MagTek technology

Product: Magensa Services
Company: Magensa LLC

Magensa LLC, a payment protection gateway and subsidiary of MagTek Inc., launched Magensa Services, a suite of digital technologies designed to enhance and protect electronic transactions. Built on MagTek's heritage of dynamic card authentication and device/host authentication capabilities, the subscription-based services are available à la carte or bundled with MagTek hardware for end-to-end security and fraud detection, company representatives stated.

"It's an exciting time in payments," said John Arato, vice president and general manager, retail solutions at MagTek. "The payment industry is changing at a rapid rate and solution providers need to offer more solutions with maximum security. Magensa enables us to do just that."

"MagTek has always been known for reliable, durable solutions with built-in security," added Rebecca Robinson, marketing manager at Magensa. "Magensa expands on that tradition with highly dynamic security baked into numerous solutions and services."

Innovative technology stack

Robinson noted that Magensa's parent company, MagTek, has provided payments and identification technology for more than 40 years. The company's innovative solutions have been deployed across government, banking, payments and OEM sectors, she stated.

Both MagTek and Magensa meet the highest security standards, including TR-39 Visa-certified key injection facility, Mastercard Total Quality Management and PCI PTS requirements for secure manufacturing of PIN entry products. Magensa is a PCI Level 1 service provider. Magensa Services are designed to protect the identity, assets and safety of individuals and businesses, Robinson said, adding that its secure applications and services include the following:

  • Data protection: This layered security solution uses encryption and tokenization to protect cardholder data. When combined with dynamic authentication, it protects data throughout the payments infrastructure. Advanced device management can thwart rogue attacks and prevent tampered devices from communicating with protected networks. It also reduces costs of updating and upgrading hardware.
  • QwickPAY: A fully integrated payment solution for mobile and POS, QwickPAY is designed for merchants that need an easy solution to secure and accept payments from almost anywhere. Leveraging MagneSafe security architecture and Magensa Services, it works on iOS, Android, Windows and OS X operating systems.
  • Gateway services: Magensa's Gateway Services are designed to be cost-effective and easy to integrate with MagTek devices, platforms and operating systems. Services include Magensa Decrypt and Forward Gateway; Magensa Payment Protection Gateway (MPPG) and Magensa Tokenization Service, which can be combined with Decrypt and Forward or MPPG.
  • Software and applications: Magensa software includes identity and access management using multifactor authentication; instant on-location card issuance applications and payment applications with optional eSignatures and eSignature apps that operate independently of payment applications.
  • MagneFlex Prism: An application development framework based on a suite of interface developer tools, the MagneFlex Prism replaces SDKs, APIs, and applets. Developers can use the platform to build interfaces to hardware devices, POS applications and gateways.
  • Developer tools: Remote Device Management and Magensa Remote Key Injection eliminate the need to ship devices to central depots, increasing security and lowering handling and shipping costs. Users can remotely configure device options and inject encryption keys into secure card reader authenticators and PIN entry devices.

Magensa's developer tools simplify onboarding and development, Robinson stated. Its proprietary browser facilitates development across multiple environments and operating systems. end of article

Website: www.magtek.com Contact:john.arato@magtek.com

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