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December 26, 2016 • Issue 16:12:02

The Mobile Buzz:
Digital ID, the final piece in mobile wallet

Presenting a valid form of identification without having to carry a driver's license, passport or other physical form of identification hasn't been possible for mobile wallet users. Alabama-based startup Credntia LLC intends to change that and, if its new digital identification management platform catches on, the ability to forego physical wallets may indeed go from notion to reality.

With Credntia's app, which is free to users, individuals can store their driver's license, passport, medical insurance card, membership cards ‒ nearly any physical credential used for identification purposes within a Credntia digital account. What's more, users are the only ones who can access their credentials and control how much credential information is shared at each point of presentment, Credntia said.

"We value and put a high premium on security, from different forms of verification and validation methods to advanced data encryption," said Cody Winton, founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Credntia. "We're ensuring that when you store your credentials with us they will only be able to be accessed by you. So, if you are making a credit card purchase that's over $25 and the employee asks to see your driver's license, you can pull up your Credntia account and display your driver's license."

The platform consolidates all credentials into a personal Credntia account. To upload a driver's license, for example, both the front and back would be captured and stored, along with the barcode, so that when a sales associate or other third party requests a valid ID, just the barcode can be scanned at a POS or check-in point.

Security first, in-person and online

According to Credntia, the platform uses military grade encryption to ensure that data is only accessible to the user who owns the credential. Credntia is also HIPAA compliant, making it applicable in various medical use case scenarios. Another step taken to secure data is that app users must enter a five-digit code to gain access to their credentials.

"A number of different strides that companies like Apple have made to encrypt their phones are wonderful, but we didn’t stop there," Winton said. "We actually have our own encryption, both on the device and in the cloud, which are for storing the user's credentials." He noted that Credntia complements rather than competes with existing mobile device security systems on the market.

Also built into its database is an application programming interface that allows retailers with an online presence to validate online customers. At this point, Credntia is actively seeking retail, security, medical, government and other industry partners to accelerate acceptance and ease use among mobile users.

While some major companies have introduced proprietary mobile ID systems, offering universality is viewed by many as the bridge for wholly digitizing wallets. "Blue Cross-Blue Shield has an app where you can access your medical insurance card, but they're really only focused on that particular card," Winton said. "Our focus is on providing a seamless experience for all of your identity." end of article

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