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Drive revenue, scale operations with B2B cellular connectivity

OptConnect began life in 2000 as a Grant Victor company, providing cellular routers for ATMs. After years of selling routers as ATM accessories, the company expanded into other markets and established OptConnect LLC in 2009, a global wireless connectivity provider that offers a range of cellular connectivity options, from self-managed to fully managed solutions. Chris Baird, president and CEO of OptConnect, said the company is focused on simplifying connectivity. "One size doesn't fit all, especially when it comes to cellular connectivity," he said, adding that OptConnect provides IoT project expertise, resources and support.

One-to-many journey

Baird reflected on his career at OptConnect, which began as an ATM repair specialist in 2009 and led to his appointment as CEO in 2018 after years of hard work and dedicated leadership. Through it all, he noted, he saw the company grow both organically and by acquisition. "Our journey started by connecting one device here and another there," he said. "Today, we manage more than 1 million lines and thousands of customers, and the future looks brighter than ever."

OptConnect has come a long way since creating its first customer portal in 2012, Baird added, recalling the launch of the OptConnect neo in 2015, a next-generation cellular router with plug-and-play connectivity. Additional developments he mentioned include a strategic alliance with Graham Partners in 2018, followed by two major acquisitions: Premier Wireless Solutions (PWS) in 2021, and M2MDataGlobal, a Latin American managed wireless provider, in 2024.

Wireless connectivity-as-a-service

Baird went on to say that OptConnect provides managed service wireless connectivity for POS systems, security systems, ATMs, smart safes, Kiosks, micro markets, digital signage, and other IoT and machine-to-machine applications. In addition to providing a secure, reliable monitored wireless connection to the Internet for unattended equipment, the company pointed out, it helps businesses design, deploy and manage cellular connectivity solutions. "At OptConnect, we have several exciting developments in the works," Baird said. "Our enhanced connectivity solutions include seamless ISP-to-cellular failover, managed WiFi services, and an expanded hardware lineup through our recent acquisition of PWS." Baird further noted that OptConnect launched a flexible self-managed portal designed to enable customers to easily manage hardware and connectivity from anywhere. As the company continues to expand globally, it continuously updates its technology offerings across borders and channels, he added, stating that these initiatives underscore the company's commitment to delivering connectivity solutions to customers everywhere.

ISO, MLS partnership benefits

Baird mentioned that OptConnect works with ISOs, merchant level salespeople (MLSs) and other payment service providers. He cited the following partnership benefits:

  • Reliable connectivity: Reduce downtime and keep payment terminals and other devices connected with always-on, always-connected cellular solutions.
  • Cost savings: Reduce related costs of managing and maintaining network infrastructure, and free up resources by using managed wireless connectivity services.
  • Scalability: Onboard new merchants rapidly and support additional devices without experiencing connectivity issues.
  • Enhanced security: Protect sensitive payment data with OptConnect's built-in advanced security features to maintain merchant trust while helping enterprises comply with industry regulations and security mandates.
  • Streamlined deployment: Simplify the deployment process and reduce time and effort required to get new devices up and running.
  • Continuous 24/7 support: Ensure that help is always available when needed and minimize disruptions to business operations by using OptConnect's 24/7 customer support.
  • Competitive advantage: Build and scale your book of business by attracting new merchants and retaining existing customers by offering a reliable and secure connectivity solution.

"Working with OptConnect can provide ISOs, MLSs and other payments enterprises with reliable connectivity, cost savings, scalability, enhanced security, streamlined deployment and 24/7 support," Baird said. "These benefits can help drive business growth, improve operational efficiency, and enhance the overall merchant experience." end of article

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