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September 4, 2000


  1. Drivers and Their Privacy vx. State Revenue
  2. Does Your Site Pass the Legal Site Check?
  3. Landers and Wilson Join NDC
  4. On a Collection Note
  5. ATM Growth Slowing
  6. Internet Discount Rate Greater Than 3%
  7. E-Commerce Means Change
  8. 17% Fall Victim to Fraud
  9. Image is Everything
  10. Bank Card Law
  11. Star Extends eFunds Contract
  12. Heartland Launches Restaurant Guide
  13. Discovering NDC
  14. Is There an ECHO in Here?
  15. Soaring Over Fraud
  16. The Marketing of Credibility
  17. It's All in Your Mind
  18. Whaday Know?
  19. Scrope Out the Competition
  20. FYISOs





Good Selling!

Paul H. Green 



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