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A Thing It's All in Your Mind

Its All in Your Mind

What makes a success? Is it years of experience? The most up-to-date equipment? The best product at the lowest price? The easiest territory? Sure, all of those factors can help one become successful but, even if everything else is in place, if you have the wrong attitude, you wonít be a success. Success is a matter of outlook. If you know that you will be a success, if you envision it every night as you go to sleep, you will be successful. It all comes down to your Mind Set.

Successful people are those who:

Make their own luck. They work hard, they donít give up, and they donít let minor setbacks slow them down.

Invent ways to solve problems. They create fresh ideas and look for new approaches to old dilemmas.

Never sacrifice integrity for a sale. They know that no sale, no matter how important it seems at the time, is more important than your reputation.

Dot every ďiĒ and cross every ďt.Ē They know that million dollar deals can, and are, lost because someone dropped the ball or assumed that a detail had been handled. They make sure every loose end is tied.

See their career as just that, a career, a profession. They donít see it as a job or something they must do to pay the bills.

Examine new ways to increase sales, commissions, and customer satisfaction. They are never satisfied with the status quo and are always looking to improve.

Take advantage of every book, library, URL, magazine, colleague, person, and opportunity that presents itself. They understand that every day is an occasion to learn and improve.

So, remember, itís all in your head. The best product at the lowest price and a top-notch support system are valuable, but the road to success starts with you.

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