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October 10, 2022 • Issue 22:10:01

New Products

Easier, faster, more accessible cross-border payment

Product: xpate e-wallet
Company: xpate

International payments platform xpate created a single multi-fit solution designed to unite all payment methods to cover a range of demands that otherwise require onboarding and integration with multiple partners. By automating an extensive range of demands into a unified platform, the solution enables merchants to accept payments from anywhere on any platform, the company stated.

Mihails "Mike" Safro, CEO at xpate, described the company as a fintech startup that enhances global payments by using a design-centric approach to serve growing business needs. He noted the company was the first to introduce a true drag-and-drop payments experience that unites traditional and alternative payment methods into a single account, making the payment process easier, faster and accessible to everyone.

"xpate is an e-wallet system both for retail and business customers who aim to make the financial sphere of their lives comfortable and hassle-free," Safro said. "More than 300 companies processing over 50,000 transactions daily utilize xpate to expand their business across frontiers." 

Multi-fit payments platform

Safro also mentioned that xpate entered the market at a unique point in history when physical cash is in decline and the use of alternative payments is soaring. "A multi-fit payments platform uniquely designed for end-users is at the top of every cross-border merchant's wish list," he said.

Safro noted that the consumer appetite for cross-border ecommerce creates opportunities for merchants to expand market reach, and this is why it is crucial for merchants to be able to analyze payment data in order to optimize conversions and create a seamless and easy customer experience. These capabilities set us apart in this fiercely competitive space, he added.

End-to-end payment processing

xpate stated it ensures that merchants can accept online payments in a cost-effective and effortless manner from anywhere in the world and on any platform. From bank transfers to facilitating payments made via APMs, mass pay-outs, card pay-outs or currency exchange, everything a business needs is all contained within xpate's one unified framework, the company added.

The Links platform, launched by xpate in May 2021, is a solution for the acquirer and issuer market designed to ease operational burdens and simplify card payment management. With about two-thirds of acquiring growth expected to come from ecommerce channels in 2022, having a fast, single and unified solution will help meet growing demand from acquirers for modern replacements to outdated legacy platforms, xpate representatives stated.

Flexible settlements

By providing flexible settlements through a global network of 79 payment method providers, xpate enables merchants to easily transfer funds to bank accounts, pay vendors and convert funds into alternative currencies, and these capabilities help merchants deliver quick, seamless cross-border transactions, the company noted.

Robust fraud protection

Another benefit provided by the Links solution, xpate pointed out, is its built-in fraud controls, which eliminate the need for in-house fraud teams, dispute specialists, and technical support teams. Links delivers end-to-end handling of the payment process, including software management, fraud control and execution of the entire dispute cycle, the company stated.

Sales channel partner benefits

xpate offers multiple benefits to ISOs, acquirers and merchant level salespeople, the company stated, helping them remove geographic limitations and simplify complex processes to make the payments process easier, faster and more accessible to partners, merchants and end-user customers.

"Our ethos centers around creating simple and rewarding payment experiences that utilize advanced technology to automate and speed up typically clunky, time consuming processes like onboarding with multiple partners, transfers and settlements in different currencies and data reporting," Safro said. "Simply put, at xpate we take care of the difficult aspects of payments, leaving our clients free to do what they do best – grow their business." end of article

Website: www.xpate.com Contact: pr@xpate.com

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