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August 13, 2018 • Issue 18:08:01

New Products

Innovative fraud, chargeback reduction platform

Product: Fraudcast
Company: Humboldt Merchant Services

Humboldt Merchant Services (HBMS) launched Fraudcast, a proprietary fraud and chargeback reduction platform designed to give merchants clear visibility into cardholder disputes and fraudulent activities. In addition to receiving automated alerts, merchants can access Fraudcast tools from MOVEit, a secure online portal, where they can view historic activity and transactional data, the company stated.

"Since 1992, Humboldt Merchant Services has focused on supporting merchants that can't always be served by mainstream payment service providers," said Adam McDonald, president of Humboldt Merchant Services. "We know these business models require more attention than typical retail accounts and that includes protecting them with the most robust fraud management systems available at all times."

"Fraudcast is a fast and easy way for ecommerce merchants to keep pace with fraud and chargeback issues," added Leonard Garcia, vice president of sales at HBMS. "Card-not-present merchants tend to have higher chargeback ratios and be more susceptible to numerous types of fraudulent activities. Implementing Fraudcast can help them monitor, detect and react swiftly to disputes and fraud."

Intelligent, timely resource

It is critical for merchant level salespeople (MLSs) to help merchants stay ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape, Garcia said. As more ecommerce merchants come online every day, payment fraudsters constantly search for new ways to exploit systemic vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access into a merchant's payment system. It can be challenging to keep track of evolving threats and industry-wide updates and technology tools designed to stop them.

With this in mind, HBMS endeavors to help MLSs stay up to date on the most advanced fraud mitigation technologies. Knowledgeable and informed MLSs can protect merchants from malicious activities by helping them implement relevant, innovative fraud management solutions, Garcia stated.

Early detection has been shown to measurably improve dispute resolution and chargeback mitigation, company representatives stated. The Fraudcast service platform includes detailed reporting, advanced analytical tools and automated email alerts designed to help merchants quickly detect and react to cardholder disputes and anomalous activities.

Following are additional details HBMS provided about Fraudcast's features and benefits.

  • Detailed reporting: The platform's detailed reporting enables merchants to monitor standard day-to-day account activity, while instantly matching chargebacks to original transactions. Automated reports provide multiple data points, including currency, region and card type, which can be easily sorted, and include: all daily chargebacks and cardholder disputes from the previous business day; all transactions that were marked fraudulent by Visa the previous business day; and all transactions that were marked fraudulent by Mastercard the previous business day.
  • Advanced analytics: The Fraudcast platform is powered by machine learning and advanced data analytics designed to continuously analyze data patterns of consumers and transactions. These advanced, dynamic methods of monitoring and detection protect merchants from fraud while providing key insights into customer behavior, account performance and trend analysis.
  • Email alerts: Email alerts post to specified inboxes each weekday, providing automated report details on early-stage fraudulent transactions, chargebacks and disputes in addition to event data, analytical charts and periodic trends.

Simple integration, implementation

Company representatives further noted that Fraudcast is simple to implement and includes support for third-party integrations; an API library is adaptable to any programming language, enabling developers to integrate the service; the platform can improve profitability and customer retention for acquirers and merchants across a variety of business types and industries; and additional support is provided by dedicated HBMS relationship managers and help desk professionals.

"A fraud attack or series of unwarranted chargebacks can seriously impact a merchant's bottom line," McDonald added. "With Fraudcast, every Humboldt sales partner is able to confidently assure their customers will have full visibility of all account activity, as well as rock solid fraud protection and an easy to understand reporting interface." end of article

Website: www.hbms.com Contact: salespartners@hbms.com

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