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January 23, 2017 • Issue 17:01:02

New Products

Driverless, multifunctional, networked check scanner

Product: EC9600i
Company: RDM Corp.

RDM Corp., a financial technology company with global headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, enhanced its EC9600i series by adding a new line of single feed (SF) network scanner models to the EC9600i auto-feed (AF) network scanners introduced in 2015. The next-generation, browser-based check scanners are designed to adapt to a variety of workflows and settings.

RDM Corp.

Bill Buser, Director of Scanner and Digital Imaging Solutions at RDM, recommended asking three questions when evaluating scanners: "How easy? What cost? How much time?" It's not just technology that is a critical consideration; it's about how the scanner fits into your workflow, he added.

Buser additionally noted that EC9600i scanners are generally easier and more cost-effective to install than traditional scanners for several reasons. "The installation script and troubleshooting remains the same across various PC, Mac and mobile devices," Buser said. "And there's no need to invest in additional scanners because the EC9600i can support multiple work stations."

Universal interface, expanded capabilities

Broadly compatible with PC, Mac and mobile environments, the EC9600i can be used by financial institutions, healthcare providers, property management companies and government agencies, the company stated. The scanner has configurable onboard intelligence and diagnostic tools, and is self-supporting across all browsers and operating systems.

Its universal interface enables it to operate with Citrix and other thin client environments. Routine updates of the operating system and browser can be done once, eliminating frustration. The IP-addressable appliance can use its own network hub to troubleshoot common problems, RDM added.

Standard and optional features

The EC9600i scanner is designed to support full remittance capture, check franking and endorsement on mobile devices and desktop environments. RDM stated the scanner combines productivity with a small footprint and includes the following standard attributes:

  • Ethernet, USB ports: Peripheral devices can connect to the scanner via two Ethernet ports and a two-port USB hub.
  • Plug-and-play: Scanners are factory-calibrated, simplifying deployment and installation.
  • High-speed document imaging: The EC9600i SF series provides single-pass document imaging. The AF series can batch-process up to 30 documents per minute, fulfilling the needs of most batch scanning applications. Both SF and AF units are equipped with collection pockets that can hold up to 60 documents.
  • Premium-image quality: Magnetic ink character recognition read rates have better than 99 percent accuracy.
  • Check franking: The scanner's built-in franker stamps a message on the face of checks to reduce fraud and mitigate risk.

RDM described the EC9600i scanner's optional features as follows:

  • Thermal printer: A three-inch thermal receipt printer can endorse checks by applying a physical message on the reverse side of checks. The modular, Windows-compatible inkjet printer with clamshell paper supply attaches to the front of the EC9600i. The scanner and printer use the same power supply but operate independently, enabling simultaneous scanning and printing while eliminating the need for additional cables and power supplies.
  • Virtual image endorsement: The EC9600i can also do paperless check endorsing by virtually applying messages to the reverse side of check images.
  • Magnetic stripe reader: An encryption capable, three-track magnetic stripe reader can expand data capture capabilities while securely capturing sensitive data.
  • OCR A&B font recognition: EC9600i scanners can be licensed to perform optical character recognition (OCR) on documents with machine printed text (remittances, pay stubs). This capability can automate data capture for applications such as walk-in bill payment processing.

EC9600i users can view networked devices in real time, using the scanner's dashboard and reporting tools. Minimal development is required to integrate the scanner into payment applications using the manufacturer's software development kit and application programming interface library, RDM noted. end of article

Website: www.rdmcorp.com Contact: sales@rdmcorp.com

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