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July 11, 2016 • Issue 16:07:01

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360-degree solution for chargebacks issues

Product: FPR-360
Company: Chargeback Gurus

Chargeback Gurus, a risk mitigation company that specializes in chargeback prevention and recovery, created FPR-360, a three-pronged chargeback solution aimed at preventing, contesting and remediating all forms of chargebacks, including "friendly fraud." With FPR, which stands for "fight, prevent and recover," experienced fraud prevention "gurus" work closely with ISOs and acquirers to educate merchants about ecommerce best practices and respond quickly and effectively when chargebacks occur.

Chargeback Gurus

The company said it developed unique, effective approaches to minimize chargebacks and maximize clients' chances of recovering revenue lost due to chargebacks. "It's not just technology; it's our commitment to go above and beyond to help our customers reduce their risk levels," said Srii Srinivasan, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Chargeback Gurus.

"Our solutions can integrate with third-party systems, CRMs, ISO portals, and processing platforms in order to gather data in one place and generate enhanced reports and analytics."

Relationship managers and risk analysts can use this data to derive a 360-degree view of their businesses, Srinivasan noted. For example, if Product X chargebacks increase, the merchant may want to investigate further to see if any recent changes had been made to the product or supply chain.

Sometimes consumers mistakenly file for chargebacks, thinking they will be getting a refund, she said. Other times a simple inquiry can become a chargeback or a family member places an order that gets disapproved by another family member. Srinivasan wants to see an industry-wide effort to educate merchants and consumers about chargebacks.

Multifaceted, 360-degree view

FPR-360 risk mitigation services are designed to work in concert to optimize ecommerce environments.

The program's primary objective is to help clients identify the root causes of chargebacks and fraud. The company's services include:

  • Chargeback prevention: Education is the best defense against all forms of fraud, the company stated. "Merchants must be vigilant to protect against criminal fraud; these cases are generally hard to win back," said Srinivasan. "In our experience, friendly fraud is more prevalent than true fraud."
  • Chargeback representment: A smart representment program helps merchants become more effective at recovering revenue when chargebacks occur. Merchants can garner business intelligence from reports provided to protect their businesses, improve risk models and shield themselves from friendly fraud, the company noted.
  • High-risk merchant account setup: Account specialists at Chargeback Gurus understand the challenges that online merchants face. "We have been leading the charge against chargebacks for over 12 years including operating as an online merchant ourselves," the company's website stated.
  • Back-office operation analysis and protection: Knowledgeable ecommerce chargeback and fraud prevention specialists work with online merchants to help secure payments infrastructures.
  • Customer retention and satisfaction: The company has forged deep relationships with its ISO and reseller partners.

Business intelligence, bulletproof protection

Chargeback Guru's enhanced reporting helps merchants understand fraud so they can become better prepared to prevent chargebacks. Secure reseller partner and merchant portals provide real-time payment transaction intelligence. Enhanced reports provide additional insights into fraud, chargebacks, transactions, emerging chargeback methodology and industry trends.

According to Chargeback Gurus, the interconnected world of FPR-360 protects every critical aspect of payments infrastructure, including payment gateways, customer relationship management tools, ISO and processor portals, and ordering systems. It also includes industry-specific fraud prevention tools, chargeback prevention alerts and notifications, and a phone order shield system.

A unique blend of technology and expertise automates select business processes while reserving business-critical analysis to the company's experts, who look at documentation, orders and customers to identify root causes of fraud. "Unfortunately, fraud is not automated but done by humans," Srinivasan said. "Too many things can be misdiagnosed or fall through the cracks in fully automated systems." end of article

Website: www.chargebackgurus.com Contact:sales@chargebackgurus.com

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