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July 12, 2010 • Issue 10:07:01

New Products

Loyalty program, in spades

Product: GoMo Wallet
Company: Gold Mobile, Telcordia Technologies Inc.

Mobile phones are fast becoming the focal point of marketing campaigns devised by retailers and their payment service providers, a trend pushed forward a bit more by GoMo Wallet, a software as a service platform recently introduced by mobile solutions firm Gold Mobile.

Gold Mobile is offering the service through a partnership with communications software provider Telcordia Technologies Inc. The service combines, and sometimes synchronizes, mobile wallet functionality with a wide-ranging marketing platform. It is, according to Gold Mobile, mobile marketing in spades.

Merchants who subscribe can enable their customers to store their existing credit and debit card data, as well as purchase, store, top-up and spend gift and loyalty "cards" - all on a mobile phone. This mostly obviates the need for plastic loyalty cards, Gold Mobile noted.

Wallet segmentation

Customers can make their mobile wallets available to multiple people, such as family, friends and employees, but tailor the degree of control each user has with a range of possible criteria. In such cases, the different users of the mobile wallet create unique logins and passwords, by which each is afforded a predetermined level of accessibility.

Among other options, a mobile wallet user can restrict access to certain cards (those for family members or employees operating on expense accounts, for example) but not others; allow access to every card but with a spending limit; or place restrictions on the types of items that the wallet can be used to purchase. The wallet can also be used to transfer funds from one user to another.

"This is well beyond the traditional credit card," said Gold Mobile Chief Executive Officer Bob Gold. "You can specify usage buckets, not only transferring $50, but we can say it's only good for these items, or for this department in the store, or for food and not merchandise."

Merchant subscribers to GoMo also hook into Gold Mobile's cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system, which functions as both a repository of consumer data and a marketing platform.

Numerous marketing options

Merchants can use the CRM system to send advertisements, coupons and other promotional offers, as well as segment their marketing campaigns in any number of different ways, including providing offers to consumers based on location or spending history, or launching campaigns that fit the season or time of day.

"What it provides is almost like a personal concierge for the consumer," Gold said. "We have a web-based administrative command center that allows you to pick groups [to market to], and that can be automated, or it can be a person doing it.

"It also allows for national, regional and local controls. So let's say it's 90 degrees in Miami. You might want to send something that incents [the purchase of] bathing suits, where it's 30 degrees in Alaska, and you might want to incent for boots."

Gold added that the program is capable of conveying marketing messages through an array of different channels, among them text message, email, voice and video.

"I could send you a coupon with a link to a video," Gold said, "I could have Derek Jeter come back and tell you why this baseball bat is good." He added that a store shelf or a product surface could have a sign telling customers to send a text message to view a video and get an incentive.

Gold Mobile

Telcordia Technologies Inc.
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