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Vergent, Outsourcing Solutions enhance AR

Tuesday, February 01, 2022 — 09:40:37 (EST)

Ridgeland, MS, February 1, 2022 – Vergent LMS, a premier fintech lending platform, announced its partnership with Outsourcing Solutions Group (OSG), a consortium of best-in-class accounts receivable service providers, to integrate accounts receivable management solutions for clients.

All lenders, regardless of size, face challenges managing and growing their businesses. Vergent and OSG have collaborated to develop a comprehensive solution designed to assist clients by optimizing the management and recoveries of their delinquent loan portfolios. OSG will allow Vergent lenders to combine debt collection activity with debt sales, helping those seeking to liquidate defaulted accounts while maximizing recoveries over their entire defaulted portfolio.

“We are ecstatic to have the opportunity to align ourselves with Vergent LMS,” said Louis Nash, OSG Founder and Managing Partner. “Our collaboration creates several “industry-first” innovations that we believe are destined to be market disruptors.”

This partnership marries cutting edge technology with the right expertise. OSG brings decades of accounts receivable experience to the table and, working through Vergent’s next generation lending platform, lenders of all sizes will easily be able to connect with the best accounts receivable services and guidance. “OSG provides a vital service for lenders, and we’re looking forward to how they will serve lenders through our platform,” said Scott Putnam, CEO of Vergent. “As we continue to build a comprehensive solution, this additional consortium of accounts receivable resources will be vital to our lenders.”

About Vergent Loan Management Software

Vergent Loan Management Software (Vergent LMS) provides an omnichannel lending solution for lending institutions and financial services organizations. Based out of Mississippi, Vergent offers an end-to-end solution for consumer, small-dollar, auto and online lenders. Founded in 2006, the company serves lenders in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Central America. With over $690 billion serviced and 20,000 active users, Vergent offers lenders an intuitive software that seamlessly adapts to any business. To learn more about Vergent LMS, go to vergentlms.com.

About Outsourcing Solutions Group

OSGroup is a consortium of independent accounts receivable service providers who collaborate to provide clients with comprehensive solutions. Our service providers are innovative “solutionists.” Whatever your accounts receivable needs, we offer clients fully scalable, readily deployable, and practical solutions. Each partner specializes solely on a specific segment of the accounts receivable process enabling them to become laser-focused on flawless execution and delivery.

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