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Article published in Issue Number: 061202


Wanted: More articles about women

I speak with agents all day long, and there seems to be a common concern among the women agents.

It seems that historically, women were predominantly the minority in this business, but their participation has greatly increased. I think a lot of them would like to see some articles on women in the business and how they found success.

I think if you looked at your subscription list, you would see that there are a lot of women who read The Green Sheet and look to you as a resource. Maybe you have done something in the past, and I missed it. But, in general, women in the business seem to feel left in the wings and not taken seriously [by] ISOs. Some feel intimidated a bit.

I think knowing that they are no longer the minority would be helpful to them. I don't know if you have heard that or not, but thought I would pass it along.

This week I have spoken to three agents who have made comments to me about this. ... Let me know if you have done something on this in the past, and I can direct the gals to it. Thanks.

Emily Karawadra
Executive Vice President
Impact PaySystem


You are correct. There are many, many women in the payments industry making significant contributions. We last addressed this topic in "Women are making payments happen," The Green Sheet, July 12, 2004, issue 04:07:01. We also continue to profile women in our Industry Leader and AgenTalkSM features.

Some recent articles in The Green Sheet that may interest you include:

In addition, the nonprofit organization Women Networking in Electronic Transactions ( was formed last year. You can learn more about this group by visiting I also suggest using Fast Finder to search for "" on GS Online. We have reported on a number of times since August 2005.

Thanks for suggesting this topic. It may be time for us to cover it again in depth. And do not hesitate to get in touch whenever you have an idea that might be appropriate for us to pursue.


Seeking MasterCard interchange rates

Where can I get a copy of the most recent MasterCard interchange rates?

MLS Forum member irnps


MasterCard Worldwide has posted its interchange rates, along with detailed information about authorization and magnetic data requirements, authorization variances, additional qualifying criteria, and a glossary of terms in a 72-page document on its Web site at


Article published in issue number 061202

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