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Issue 04:06:01

Industry Update

Nationwide Check Services Files for Chapter 11

NPC Considering Sale

We Have a Winner!

Metavante to Acquire NYCE


PC-based ATMs Entering Retail Race

By Ann All, Senior Editor,

Book Review: Old Habits Die Hard? Not When You Have Power to Change Them


What's the Difference Between a Bluetooth and a WiFi?

By Tim Cormier


Street SmartsSM: Update on Leasing

By Ed Freedman

Bankcard 101 Equipment Sales Versus Building a Portfolio

By Lazaros Kalemis

MasterCard Programs, Updated and Explained

By David H. Press

When IP Makes Sense for Your Merchants

By Peter Scharnell

Marketing 101 How to Play the Trade Show Game and Win

By Nancy Drexler and Jessica Rubin

New Products

Separating the Good Bills From the Bad Ones

Countertop and Handheld High Speed Multi-App Terminal Options

Company Profiles

Shift4 Corporation


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24-hour Support for the MLS

In the May 12, 2003 issue of The Green Sheet (03:05:01), we introduced a monthly feature titled "Trade Association News." This ongoing series highlights the news and events announced by the numerous trade associations affiliated with the payment processing industry.

A number of groups share a similar focus: to provide industry training and networking opportunities for the feet-on-the-street sales professionals-the merchant level salespeople (MLSs)-in our industry. Beyond this mutual goal, the groups are quite varied in their mission and scope.

There are a lot of great meetings ahead this summer and fall, so be sure to check out the last page of this story where we provide a list of the upcoming events along with contact information. You'll want to start making plans now!

Groups Hosting Regional Meetings

This alphabetical listing of the groups includes regional trade associations and two independent companies providing industry training and sales and marketing education.

Field Guide for the Developing ISO (FGI)

FGI is a collaborative and educational independent seminar that provides insight and information on how to succeed as an ISO. More than twenty ISO experts and program managers will gather for one day in Chicago to share their wealth of knowledge with you.

"Attendees will get a 'peek behind the curtain' of the ISO business," said Mark Dunn, Senior VP, Transaction Services for Milwaukee-based Universal Savings Bank. "A lot of people in our industry know how to sell merchant accounts or how to program a terminal, but few really know how to build a successful ISO."

Dunn said the seminar is not only for those who want to build an ISO, but also can be beneficial to vendors, MLSs or sales managers that want to get a better understanding of how an ISO works.

Dunn, who will lead the seminar, said it will be held one day and will include five sessions that cover a wide array of topics: how to build a "better mousetrap" in the ISO business; how to get financing; how to get to the next level as an ISO; how to handle contracting and compliance; and how to generate more revenue from your base.

Dunn has held positions ranging from sales to senior management during his fifteen years in the industry. The seminar costs $100, includes lunch and will take place on Wednesday, July 28 from 9 a.m. to 3:15 p.m., preceding the MWAA conference (FGI is independent of MWAA, however a discount on FGI is available if you sign up for both events). For more information about the seminar or to register, please contact Mark Dunn at

Institute for Payment Professionals (IPP)

The Institute for Payment Professionals (IPP) is dedicated to providing every MLS an equal opportunity to achieve maximum personal success. IPP offers a series of free seminars every month to six weeks in a major metropolitan area.

IPP seminars disseminate critical information about the industry and how it works. Additionally, a variety of industry vendors provide both information about, and hands on experience with, leading-edge technologies and services. The half-hour presentations cover topics such as the history of the industry, payment flow, portfolio management, risk and underwriting, marketing.

Upcoming stops in summer 2004 include Atlanta, Chicago and Houston.

In addition to seminars, IPP offers a Web site: IPP is not a trade association; rather, it is an independently owned and operated training company. "Membership" in IPP is used to allocate resources and provide access to the Web site.

Midwest Acquirers' Association (MWAA)

MWAA's inaugural conference last year brought 400 payments industry professionals together.

"With the vast, untapped population in the Midwest, along with strategically selecting a Midwest city like Chicago that is convenient to travel into, our conference met and exceeded all expectations," said Jim McCormick, Vice President and Treasurer for MWAA.

McCormick said the success of MWAA last year-its very first event-should be partly credited to the regional acquirer associations that came before MWAA: the NEAA and SEAA.

"If it were not for our sister associations 'paving the way' (the NEAA, for example, for almost 20 years), we definitely wouldn't have experienced last year's tremendous success.

"The regional associations have become an amazing conduit to filter industry information and training to the 'feet on the street' MLS."

MWAA is expecting an even better turnout at this year's event. The meeting is scheduled for the last week of July, and it will be held in Chicago, which boasts beautiful, warm summer nights.

The focus will be on discussions of relevant issues and will offer plenty of meeting time with vendors. Presentations will cover value-adds, interchange compliance, fraud, POS innovations, Check 21 and the changing role of the MLS.

Northeast Acquirers' Association (NEAA)

Almost 20 years ago, two men pioneered the concept of a regional acquirers' association: Alan V. Forgione, Cardsystems Solutions, Inc., and Jacques Breton, General Credit Forms. Their goal was to provide a regional event to enable acquirers to network with vendors and potential sales representatives.

They helped form the NEAA as a non-membership association to host regional meetings.

NEAA now hosts two meetings a year, a winter and summer event. Recently, these have expanded into three-day events with training sessions, vendor expo and recreational/networking activities.

"We know that the educational forums are attracting a number of new attendees, and the fact that we are closer to home for many helps in saving money and travel time," Breton said.

The vendor area regularly sells out weeks prior to the meeting. Generous sponsorship has enabled NEAA to keep the price-point for attendees quite low, which enables individual, independent sales professionals to attend for a nominal fee.

The NEAA formula has been so successful that others have applied it to several other regions of the country. Both Forgione and Breton readily share the association's charter, bylaws and organizational knowledge with other groups to enable them to mirror the success of the NEAA.

Southeast Acquirers' Association (SEAA)

Founded in 2000, the SEAA was established on the belief that it is important to educate the ISO and MSP community with the constantly changing information that the payment processing industry dictates.

Following a format similar to the NEAA, Audrey Blackmon, John McCormick and Judy Foster organized the SEAA to host meetings in their area.

"The Southeast has always played a large role in the acquiring industry with a number of large banks, processors and ISOs calling this area home," said Blackmon, Vice President, ISO Channel Sales for POS Portal.

"This concentration of acquiring businesses has driven a strong demand for industry information." Last year's SEAA event drew a crowd of more than 300 people. This year, the organization has some new things on the agenda, including more time for attendees to mingle with vendors, which Blackmon said has been the top request from attendees in SEAA surveys.

This year's event offers seminar presentations on choosing a processor, understanding interchange, best practices on prospecting and understanding and selling new technology.

The keynote speaker will be NFL legend, Pro Bowl Defensive End and Super Bowl Champion, Charles Mann, who will discuss the path to his many successes on and off the field.

Western States Acquirers' Association (WSAA)

The WSAA is the newest regional association formed to serve MLSs and payment professionals in the West.

"It's estimated that approximately one third of all the nation's 'feet on the street' reside and sell within the geographical region of the western United States," said Steve Eazell, Director of National Sales and Marketing for Secure Payment Systems, Inc., and one of the co-founders of WSAA. "We on the West Coast felt it was time to speak to the needs of those that make their living in this part of the country. The show is centrally located; it's within driving distance for about 70% of all the MLS/ISO sales reps working in the Western part of the United States.

"We're also planning a surprise twist to make our show stand out a little differently than the rest."

WSAA recently finalized its articles of incorporation for non-profit status. The WSAA Web site and print materials will be available soon.

The National/International Associations

The payment processing industry is served by three major trade associations:

  • ATM Industry Association (ATMIA)
  • Electronic Transactions Association (ETA)
  • Financial Women International (FWI)

These membership-driven associations hold meetings regionally throughout the year, as well as annual business meetings and vendor expos.

ATM Industry Association (ATMIA)

ATMIA was founded in 1997 in the USA to provide an official voice for this growing industry. ATMIA is a nonprofit trade association with members in 20 countries. It is now established in America, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australasia and Africa.

ATMIA's membership includes manufacturers, ATM deployers, ISOs, private owners, financial institutions and all providers of related products, services and consultancies.

For this year's Conference West, ATMIA is partnering with to present the "Self-Service Summit." Topics to be discussed include the role of the ATM delivery channels in the financial and retail sector, future trends of the kiosk and the ATM, smart cards, maximizing floor space through self-service, ATM legislative update, controlling the cost of cash while keeping costs down and a GASA update.

The Global ATM Industry Awards will also take place during this event. Recognition will be given to companies and individuals who have made a substantial difference in the industry over this past year.

Electronic Transactions Association (ETA)

The ETA 2004 Annual Meeting and Expo, held in Las Vegas in April, was highlighted in "ETA Annual Meeting & Expo a Resounding Success," The Green Sheet, May 10, 2004, issue 04:05:01.

ETA's new regional meetings called "ETA Expo Networks" are a series of low cost, tradeshows and educational programs targeted specifically to ISO and MLSs and are held in various geographic areas of the country.

As a standalone venture, the ETA Expo Network provides the ISO/MLS affordable local access to a tradeshow and quality education.

The Expo Networks will premier June 24 - 25 in La Jolla, Calif. ("Plenty of Reasons to Attend Industry Events," The Green Sheet, April 12, 2004, issue 04:04:01).

Financial Women International (FWI)

FWI was founded in 1921. Historically, this association was focused on commercial bankers, but in recent years has expanded its membership base to also include vendors and sales professionals in the payment processing industry. The group has a unique set of benefits to support women in building successful careers.

"One thing that sets us apart from most other membership associations for women is that we are 83 years old!" said Melissa Curzon, FWI Foundation Vice Chair.

"FWI's mission is to help women be successful in their careers. We strive to meet our mission on three different levels: the international, district and group levels."

FWI's 82nd annual meeting will be held Sept. 12 -14, 2004 in Nashville, Tenn. and FWI is expecting more than 250 women from all over the United States, Canada, Russia and Mexico.


ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) Contact: Lana Harmelink,

Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) Contact: Carla Balakgie,

Field Guide for the Developing ISO (FGI) Contact: Mark Dunn,

Financial Women International (FWI) Contact: Melissa Curzon,

Institute for Payment Professionals (IPP) Contact: Paul Martaus,

Midwest Acquirers' Association (MWAA) Contacts: Caroline Marino, Jim McCormick,

Northeast Acquirers' Association (NEAA) Contacts: Alan V Forgione, Jacques Breton,

Southeast Acquirers' Association (SEAA) Contacts: Judy Foster, Audrey Blackmon, John McCormick,

Western States Acquirers' Association (WSAA) Contacts: Steve Eazell, Sherry Friedrichsen,


ATMIA Sept. 20 - 22, 2004 Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego

ETA June 24 - 25, 2004 La Jolla Hyatt Regency, La Jolla, Calif.

FGI July 28, 2004 The Drake Hotel, Chicago

FWI Sept. 12 - 14, 2004 Downtown Sheraton Hotel, Nashville, Tenn.

IPP June 30, 2004 Atlanta

MWAA July 28th - 30th, 2004 The Drake Hotel, Chicago

SEAA Sept. 27 - 29, 2004 Crowne Plaza Hotel, Atlanta

WSAA Nov. 4 - 5, 2004 Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San Francisco

If you are a member of an organization and would like to announce it or an upcoming event, please send an e-mail to

Notice to readers: These are archived articles. Contact names or information may be out of date. We regret any inconvenience.
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