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Payments Industry Veteran Mike Weaver Dies

Michael Weaver died from a sudden heart attack on Jan. 16, 2004. Weaver had more than 25 years of experience in the electronic payments industry, specializing in mergers and acquisitions. He leaves behind a wife, Margaret, and two small children.

Weaver was a founding member of the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA). He also served as a consultant to Visa, working on a secured electronic transaction program for the Internet, and as a consultant for MasterCard, working on several projects including the Third Party Opportunity (TPO) program. For Discover, Weaver served as a Sales Representative Manager in charge of West Coast sales and training for Discover's card program when it was initially launched.

He also ran the Western States Bankcard Association's merchant acquiring program. At TeleCheck, Weaver served as Director of Operations; at the California Bankers Association, he oversaw the implementation of its merchant acquiring and card-issuing program. Weaver also served as a consultant to many payments companies including Nova, PMT and Timeshare.

Greg Dailey of iPayment, Jeff McKay of Summit Technologies and John Mahin of Preferred Card Services, along with other friends of Weaver, are putting together a trust account for his family. Please contact Greg Dailey at 615-665-1858, Jeff McKay at 866-571-1129 or John Mahin at 800-656-0077 for more information.

Web Site Kudos

I love your Web site! I have learned so much! Thanks very much. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Samantha Evans

Timberland Bank

A Little Press Never Hurts

Thank you, Mr. Green, for publishing the story of General Credit Forms, Inc. Our office received the 03:01:01 issue of The Green Sheet on Tuesday, January 20 and in two days we have received at least a dozen calls from customers, vendors and competitors expressing their favorable comments. You have a very large audience, Mr. Green, and we were honored to be "exposed" in The Green Sheet.


Joseph A. McCormick

Chairman and President

General Credit Forms, Inc.

Catching Up On Your GS Reading

Dear Green Sheet,

Please renew my subscription for the next three years. I do not have access to a computer or fax. I am very new to this industry and would like to know how I can learn more about marketing, selling and servicing to assure my success.


[Name withheld]

P.S. I am currently incarcerated, so my funds are extremely limited. However, I eagerly expect to be released in 2006, if not before then. I want to make the electronic processing business my career. So, if you or anyone that you know can supply me with reading material or cassettes that will enhance my potential success, please notify me.

Dear [Name withheld]:

Your subscription has been renewed for the next three years. Since you do not have computer access, we are sending you a copy of Good Selling! 2. This should help you along on your way to a successful career. Good luck in your future endeavors.


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