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Check Cards vs. Debit Cards vs. Credit Cards

I am looking for something that shows statistics on how frequently check cards are used in comparison to debit or credit cards. Can you direct me as to where I can find this information?



A few studies of consumer debit card usage have been completed, but to our knowledge, there is no concrete data comparing debit and credit card usage. This is at least partly because offline (signature) debit transactions can look like credit card transactions during the clearing and acquiring steps, and not all companies differentiate the two when tallying transaction data. But here's some data that may help.

A study completed by Analytica Inc. at the request of Pulse (a bank-owned ATM/POS network with a large presence in the Southeast) suggests consumers are just as likely to use an ATM debit card with PIN as they are to use the card's signature authorization feature for POS purchases.

That study, which tracked transactions during a three-week period in November and December 2002, found consumers use their ATM cards twice as often for purchases as they do at ATMs. Of the average 10.92 times a consumer used his/her ATM card during the study period, 7.81 times were to make purchases at retail locations versus 3.11 times to withdraw cash at ATMs. Of the average 7.81 POS transactions recorded, 4.06 were PIN-based and 3.75 were signature-based.

Consumers surveyed by Jupiter Research earlier this year seem to prefer credit cards over any type of debit card. Fifty-five percent of those polled said they felt "comfortable" using credit cards, according to a report released by Jupiter in March; 32% were "comfortable" using debit cards and 20% felt "comfortable" using PIN-based debit. Perhaps more telling are the statistics on consumers who are "uncomfortable" using debit cards - 49% who use debit cards and 66% who use debit cards with PIN, Jupiter reports.


Looking for Authoritative Advice on Managing

I am ashamed to admit that I had been hopelessly behind in reading my issues of The Green Sheet. Over the past two weeks, I have read 12 issues - all in a row. I thought I would share some of my thoughts. The magazine is great. It appears to be getting stronger with each issue. It has a variety of topics from education to inspiration. The new calendar will be very useful. Even the ads are interesting -- and this is from someone who no longer works in this end of the industry. The one thing that I think is missing is a column on management issues. I know a lot of the readers are the Merchant Level Salespeople, and I think they need help managing their businesses.

When I did this job (for First Tennessee), I had a hard time setting goals, knowing how to negotiate, having a vision of where I wanted my business to go, communicating well with the client, etc. I had no training or support from FTB, so I was pretty much on my own. I think a monthly column on one of these issues, as well as others, would be an excellent addition to the regular articles. Just thought I would share my two cents' worth. I look forward to each issue and hope to not get so hopelessly behind again.

Vicki Daughdrill


Financial Women International

Vicki: Thank you for the positive comments. We really appreciate your idea for some future GS articles. Perhaps after your FWI meeting in September you will have time to write a few management tips for GS.


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