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A Thing How 'Know' Can Get You to 'Yes'

How 'Know' Can Get You to 'Yes'

M y children always told me that they really disliked the word "no," and I always told them the "know"ing is the key to life. Well, OK, they always thought that I was silly, too, but like lots of things it has some truth hidden among the silliness.

KNOW what you're being compared to. If a prospect is shopping around for the best service, make sure he/she is comparing apples to apples.

KNOW the market. Find out what other reps are charging and make sure your price is in line with those figures.

KNOW how to demonstrate to the prospect that your goal is to help him run a better business. Situate your service to meet the prospect's need to increase sales rather than your need to make the sale.

KNOW what extras are included in your price that other companies may not offer. By the same token, know what extras other companies charge more for.

Knowledge is your most powerful tool. Use it to get the "yes" and close the sale!





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