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A Thing Be Creative

Be Creative

T here is a little something that sets one person apart from another. That little something often makes the difference between getting and not getting more business. That little difference is often creativity.

Here are some tips on becoming more creative.

1.     Break away from mindsets that box you in. There are no rules except to be honest and to be legal. The Golden Rule—do unto others as you would have them do unto you—is also a good rule to follow.

2.     Use your imagination. Feed your mind positive, imaginative food and it will so respond. Rub your Aladdin’s lamp. Unbolt the door. Take an independent path. Do not settle for the warm, safe acceptance in life’s procession of people. Go for it! Pursue the rewards and accept the risks.

3.     Act. As you go through the creative process you may disregard 14 or 15 ideas. That’s OK. At least you have one. The imaginative person who implements his or her ideas becomes the leader. If you do nothing you cannot go wrong, you just do not go!

4.     Have alternatives. Look at the way you make calls, create proposals, make presentations, or whatever. Take a mundane activity and use your imagination. Think of three different ways to accomplish an activity. Try the one you like best.

5.     De-hypnotize yourself. Take advantage of the fact that your brain cannot tell the difference between the real or imagined. Eliminate your inhibitions and your shortcomings. Give yourself can do messages. Paint positive pictures.

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