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A Thing Motivation


Are you motivated? Past getting up in the morning and going through your routine, do you have what it takes to conquer the world, or at least sign up a few new accounts?

Motivation is an interesting thing. We either have it or we don’t. When we have it—when there is a goody at the end of our objective—we can do almost anything. When it’s absent, on days when we would rather be in a dark movie theater or hiking on a new trail, that is when we must look deep inside and try to get it back.

It’s been said many times before but a successful sales professional is one who sets goals. Not just monthly or yearly goals, but daily goals—and when extra motivation is needed, even hourly goals.

“I’m going to make 20 phone calls in the next hour,” a determined sales pro says, on a day when he has been beaten down by rejection and put-offs. “I’m not taking lunch until I send out five proposals,” another pro might say. Or, “I am going into the store of the account that has already said no five times—today they will say yes.” It’s helpful to have a reason to come back, and a good sales pro isn’t afraid of asking for one more chance, or even making up a reason.

Then there is the concept of why we are motivated—or what motivates us. For some it is the thrill of victory when signing a new account. For others, the rush happens as they sit there calculating how many dollars they plan to see in commission as they are signing the new business. And then for some, the motivation is around a sense of pride in their job and loyalty to their employer.

It’s healthy as a sales professional to have a little of everything as your source for motivation. To be motivated by getting the sale in the first place, the money you are going to make, pride in your job, and loyalty to your employer (when there is such an entity), are all good things.

And when you have that motivation, what is the next thing that happens? It would not be unusual to find that your bank account is fuller, and your outlook is brighter—which all leads to more motivation!

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