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September 12, 2022 • Issue 22:09:01

Letter from the editor

What, exactly, is POS intelligence in payments, how does intelligence in payments inform the development of next-generation payment technologies, and what attributes comprise the foundation for modern, smart, faster payment processing systems? These and more questions are explored by the designers and architects of the ever more powerful solutions in use today as well those in development for tomorrow.

Additional forward-thinking topics are covered in this issue's News Briefs. One story pertains to the emerging crypto-asset sector, which has caught the attention of the Fed's Board of Governors. The board advised banks within its jurisdiction to notify their Federal Reserve supervisors before engaging in any crypto-asset-related activity.

Also looking toward the future, the co-founders of DigiPay Solutions, rather than selling their business to the highest bidder, have opted to turn the company's ownership over to current and future employees. In addition, Visa Token Services has issued more than 4 billion network tokens worldwide. And the card brands and cannabis industry regulators are warning cannabis, CBD and hemp industry stakeholders to cease and desist cashless ATM usage.

You'll also find our contributors have informed views on the plight of small business owners, many of whom are sole proprietors who continue to suffer in the aftermath of the pandemic, as well as perspectives on the potential negative impacts of the proposed Credit Card Competition Act of 2022, dubbed Durbin 2.0, currently pending with the Senate Banking Committee, along with some legislators' efforts to surtax small businesses, the backbone of our economy.

Other topics addressed by contributors include the growing popularity of digital payments and how to mitigate the increase in associated fraud and other financial-related crimes, and how to determine what company would be the best partner for you when all possible options claim to be the best.

Among our industry updates are mentions of award winners; challenges to interchange and bank mergers; developments in AI; new market entrants; research on ransomware, the desire to use crypto at the POS, the importance of exclusive content, and the value of data privacy tech; and acquisitions and executive appointments. Also included are new company and product profiles, as well as news of upcoming industry events and words of inspiration.

We hope you find motivational resources within these pages. To offer suggestions, please email greensheet@greensheet.com. To share your company's latest news with the payments community, please send a press release to press@greensheet.com. end of article

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