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July 11, 2022 • Issue 22:07:01


Make a difference during heat waves

The long days of summer have people pedaling along bike paths long after suppertime, shooting hoops in driveways as the sun sets, bringing lawn chairs to evening concerts outdoors, and more. Yet, lately, in an increasing number of locales, conditions that have historically been pleasurably languid have turned ovenlike. For some, this has turned heat waves from uncomfortable to unbearable and even deadly.

While we've known that frail people, such as the elderly, the very young and those with chronic health conditions, must be mindful to stay cool and hydrated during heat waves, more of us now need to protect ourselves and our loved ones, because more people are experiencing temperature spikes they've never endured before.

At these times, merchant level salespeople who enjoy and depend on visiting merchant businesses in person should do so early in the day, before temperatures rise too high. So it makes sense to adjust expectations for the number of visits done per day and to change activities to include more phone, email and online outreach than in-person visits for the duration of a hot spell.

Reaching out will help

We also need to look after others during these times. Most of us know who in our inner circle is vulnerable when temperatures are insufferable. It's also good to remember that some people in our wider circle who seem healthy may not be as robust as they appear to be. So one thing you can do is widely distribute a list of actions that help people deal with extreme heat. If you send out a newsletter, for example, you could include tips such as:

  • Check air conditioning before it's needed to make sure it's working properly.
  • Cool only the areas of your home/office where people will be located, and use fans to help circulate air.
  • Keep cool drinks and water in the refrigerator, but limit tea and coffee as these are slightly diuretic.
  • Have enough food, drink and medicines for several days in case of power loss. And procure a generator, if possible, for back-up power.
  • Pull down awnings and close shutters and blinds to keep sunlight and heat out.
  • Maintain an up-to-date list of friends and family who may be your lifeline in an emergency.
  • Place damp towels around your neck and shoulders and soak your bare feet in a basin of cool water.
  • Avoid doing work that isn't absolutely necessary, and if you must work outdoors, do so early in the morning.
  • Stay tuned to media sources to keep apprised of local weather conditions.
  • If you cannot keep cool enough at home or in your office, find out what cooling stations and other resources your community offers.

In addition, you could give merchants small water bottles with your branding and suggest they give their customers bottles with their own branding. You and a group of local merchants could also co-sponsor a series of events of interest to your community at an air-conditioned venue.

Possibilities for being a good friend and neighbor during difficult weather abound, and the more you help, the more you will become someone your merchants know and like. end of article

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