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September 27, 2021 • Issue 21:09:02

New Products

Optimize mobile marketing with real-time, right-time notifications

Product: Mobile Engagement Platform
Company: OpenBack

OpenBack launched the Mobile Engagement Platform, a mobile edge computing solution designed to improve mobile app messaging while maintaining data privacy compliance. Mobile carriers, media outlets, gaming platforms and healthcare providers throughout the world use the technology platform, stated David Shackleton, chief executive officer at OpenBack.

"OpenBack's patented hybrid platform utilizes mobile edge computing and machine learning to leverage user data directly on-device, without it ever having to be transferred to a third-party cloud server for processing," Shackleton said. "We offer the highest reliability delivery, with full insights on metrics into how users interact with notifications on a rolling basis."

Shackleton went on to say that OpenBack is fully compliant with all regional data privacy regulations, including CCPA, COPPA, HIPAA and GDPR. In addition, end-users can leverage the company's unique data signals to schedule the delivery of notifications for optimal moments when users are most likely to engage.

Patented, hybrid platform

OpenBack's mobile engagement platform comprises the heart of the company's technology suite, Shackleton noted. The platform provides customers with access to push notifications and in-app messages. It includes application and onboarding support and an easy, intuitive multi-app dashboard for tracking metrics, performing A/B testing and managing push campaigns across an entire ecosystem, he said.

Summarizing key advantages of the OpenBack mobile engagement platform, Shackleton stated it enables complete data privacy compliance by delivering push notifications on behalf of mobile apps; supports real-time notifications at optimal times; and provides enhanced metrics and visualization of push campaigns across multiple cohorts and analytics, which can further optimize click-through, goal conversion and revenue for push campaigns. "OpenBack is ideal for payment apps, ecommerce apps, mobile wallets, or really any mobile app seeking to massively boost their app traffic and optimize user experience," Shackleton said. "By taking advantage of our real-time delivery and 40-plus data signals, apps can send notifications at the exact moment users are most likely to click on them."

Leveraging advanced technology

Rather than blasting out notifications at random times, apps can fine tune notification delivery by assessing a user's location, patterns of device and battery usage, Wi-Fi connectivity and ringtone volume strength, Shackleton noted. The OpenBack mobile engagement platform can provide additional insights, such as whether a device headphone jack is in use. The platform can also use a device's locks screen, which he described as an important and relatively underused asset.

These insights can facilitate increased control over timing of notification delivery as well as enable distinct, personalized notifications to user segments, and provide valuable user engagement metrics to evaluate the best times and methods to send push notifications. With a bit of A/B testing, enterprises can enable apps to see what is working and what is not and adjust accordingly to optimize push campaigns for maximum returns, Shackleton stated. The platform's advanced features have resulted in click-through rates (CTR) of up to 29 percent, which is nearly 15 times the industry average of 2 percent CTR, he added.

Optimal mobile marketing

"OpenBack is dedicated to providing mobile apps the mobile marketing tools they need to better communicate with their users," Shackleton said. "With our hybrid platform that uses device-side data leveraging, apps can send users more relevant, personalized messages at more appropriate times of the day."

The OpenBack mobile engagement dashboard and metrics help mobile apps of all kinds fine tune push campaigns for long-term optimization that ultimately improves the customer experience and leads to a greater goal of conversions and revenues, Shackleton stated. "We hope to make our device-side, metrics-driven approach a global standard," Shackleton said, adding that he hopes industry stakeholders will continue to explore the full potential of push notifications as a marketing tool. end of article

Website: https://openback.com/ Contact: partners@openback.com

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