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February 22, 2021 • Issue 21:02:02

New Products

All-in-one web-presence improvement tool

Product: WebPR Merchant Database
Company: WebPR

WebPR has created WebPR Merchant Database, a technology solution designed to help merchant service providers (MSPs), merchant level salespeople (MLSs) and their merchant customers improve their web presence. By aggregating data from multiple sources, WebPR provides a single-access view of compliance, credit monitoring and reputation management, according to Michael Ross, founder at WebPR.

"ISOs, MSPs and MLSs can see all of their customers' reviews, complaints, listings and mentions with the WebPR Dashboard," Ross said. "They can also earn recurring revenue streams when they sell the Merchant Dashboard to their customers." Ross additionally noted that WebPR dashboards and real-time tools can improve back-office efficiencies. For example, WebPR's daily notifications enable MSPs and their merchants to react quickly to bad reviews and complaints. This capability is critical, he added, because online reputations are dynamic by nature and subject to change.

MSP benefits

WebPR's secure and customizable dashboard, available with a single sign-in, provides ISOs, MSPs and MLSs with four essential customer management tools: Early Warning Notifications, Total Merchant Information Spreadsheet, My Merchant Toolbox and the Informational Toolbox.

Early Warning Notifications alert MSPs when merchants receive negative reviews and feedback. Daily Alerts escalate negative activities to MSPs who can react quickly to help their merchant customers normalize the situation. These daily alerts report an array of status changes, including Negative WebPR score and trend changes, merchants with trending bad reviews, merchants with one-star reviews, and merchants with BBB alerts in the last 30 days. Daily email alerts are summarized on the WebPR user dashboard.

The Total Merchant Information Spreadsheet contains a complete listing of merchants by name, sales volume, industry, bad/total reviews and other relevant metrics. Customizable reporting and configuration settings enable users to compile and sort data. If you want to break out the data, you can create custom reports with My Merchant Spreadsheet, the company noted. My Merchant Toolbox enables MSPs to track problem merchants or categorize an entire merchant base by sales volume, review quality, industry, or other specific categories and metrics.

The Informational Toolbox contains a series of graphs and other metrics to help users understand their database against peer groups and other things.

WebPR Score is designed to simplify risk management by enabling MSPs to assess the web presence of existing and prospective merchants. The proprietary scoring tool can enhance new account onboarding by making prospective merchants' online reputations part of the approval process. The WebPR Score is determined by weighting the quality of merchant reviews, negative reviews, total number of complaints broken down by source, and more.

In addition to these dynamic digital tools, WebPR can help participating MSPs and MLSs maintain compliance by demonstrating to credit facilitators and regulators that they have specific tools for tracking the credit quality of their merchant portfolios.

Merchant benefits

WebPR merchants receive a personalized dashboard and toolkit. These resources, also available with a single sign-in, can help merchants monitor and improve their web presence while monitoring credit profiles and compliance status, Ross stated. In addition, WebPR Score enables participating merchants to react quickly to negative notifications from WebPR Daily Alerts. Responding in a timely manner to unhappy customers can help merchants prevent claims, losses, decreased business levels and business failures.

WebPR also empowers merchants by enabling them to respond and send out proactive messaging, Ross noted. This can serve as a prop that helps them improve their connectivity to their customer base by inviting guests to like them on Yelp and provide reviews and ratings. By providing comparable tools and capabilities to merchants and their service providers, the all-in-one, dual-facing solution reinforces online reputation management, Ross pointed out. It enables either or both parties to quickly respond to potentially damaging feedback and online reviews. end of article

Website: www.webpr.com Contact:info@webpr.com

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