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Merger mania, oh how it can hurt

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Advanced CRM, marketing automation for SMBs

Womply Engage

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March 26, 2018  •  Issue 18:03:02

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New Products

Advanced CRM, marketing automation for SMBs

Product: Womply Engage

Software-as-a-service company Womply recently launched Womply Engage, a cloud-based software platform designed to help small businesses keep track of customers while automatically building engagement. The automated system builds and updates customer profiles to create a customer directory, sending personalized emails to customers without any work required by the business, the company stated.

"Consumers are so distracted these days that customer engagement is critical, but busy business owners don't have time to focus on it," stated Toby Scammell, founder of Womply. "We've built a system that does the heavy lifting for them."

Know, grow your customer base

Scammell went on to say that repeat business is the lifeblood of small businesses, but many small brick-and-mortar companies don't know their customers beyond a few regulars. Merchants that don't collect customers' email addresses at checkout may have difficulty staying connected with them after they leave the store, he noted. It's easier for ecommerce merchants to stay connected with their customers, Scammell noted, because everyone in the online world has a default email account. Brick-and-mortar businesses don't have access to these email accounts. "Their customer records are typically a mess, if they exist at all," he added. "Through data and software, we've solved this fundamental problem for small businesses so they can take charge of their customer relationships and improve marketing results."

Customer directory

Womply's new, updated Customer Directory, originally launched in 2017, uses transactional data to create customer profiles, which are then updated with each subsequent customer transaction. Merchants can also manually create or update customer profiles.

Merchants can peruse the searchable database to find and filter customer records, create personalized promotions and marketing campaigns, and drive repeat business. Customer Directory will automatically flag the top 100 patrons, establishing hierarchies based on customer average ticket, number of purchases and lifetime value to the business.

Customer engagement

Womply's Customer Engagement uses advanced automation to facilitate meaningful relationships between business owners and customers. Merchants can upload a customer contact list and let the automated tools do the rest. Following are some of the Customer Engagement platform's capabilities, as described by Womply:

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