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Lead Story

EMV, four months on

Patti Murphy

Thicken that skin


Industry Update

FTC takes on big data

U.S. adds six Russian banks to OFAC banned list

MasterPass joins Wal-Mart payment mix

New DOT standards reach airport kiosks


The automated ISO

Phablet popularity soars this holiday season

Felix Richter
Statista Inc.

Smarthphone-driven commerce


Choice not chance

Dale S. Laszig
DSL Direct LLC

Will we be Uberized?

Ken Musante
Eureka Payments LLC


Street SmartsSM:
Facts and figures of the MLS

Jeffrey I. Shavitz
TrafficJamming LLC

The M&A market 2016: 10 things to know to best position your business

Adam Hark

Real capabilities of tokenization in mobile payments

David Poole

Termination: The end or a new beginning?

Adam Atlas
Attorney at Law

The high-risk merchant services opportunity

Matt O'Shea
National Bank Services

The time is right for second generation P2PE

Ruston Miles
Bluefin Payment Systems LLC

Company Profile


New Products

Holistic approach to cybersecurity

Next Generation Security Assessment Services
Redhawk Network Security LLC

Future-proof, obsolescence-free POS

CardWare International Inc.


Letter From the Editors

Readers Speak: Much ado about faster payments

Boost Your Biz:Earn respect with your website

ISOMetrics:Online retailer status update

GS Book Notes:Powerful presence, powerful stories

Resource Guide


A Bigger Thing

The Green Sheet Online Edition

January 25, 2016  •  Issue 16:01:02

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Boost Your Biz:Earn respect with your website

If you're in business, you need a website, even if it's just a few pages serving as an online brochure. Websites can be much more than that, of course. Indeed, effective websites offer a wealth of resources for readers, gain authority by doing so and dramatically boost business for the companies that own them.

Find your niche

In developing such a site, first identify your niche. As a payment professional, there are many areas you could focus on. Some possibilities are specific merchant verticals, the challenges encountered in building an ISO, the unique challenges of merchant level salespeople, current issues and trends in payments, sales training, merchant education, sustaining motivation to meet goals, POS technology, merchant cash advance, value-added products, data and network security, government regulations, legal issues in payments, and international payments.

Know your readers

After you identify your niche, learn about your audience. Define who your typical readers are with as much specificity as you can. Find out where they hang out on the web, interact with them on social media, ask questions and start discussions on topics of interest. Find out what motivates them, identify the problems and fears they face, determine what their dreams are, what their information sources are, and who they view as niche leaders.

Identify your skills

List all of your skills and what you can provide on your website to help members of your niche thrive. Then devise content that uses your unique skills to inform, instruct and inspire your audience – and motivate them to take the actions you desire, too. You may be a great speaker, for example, so videos of your talks might be a major component of your site. Or you might be proficient at writing pithy blog posts, so your website might spotlight that type of content.

Use elegant design

Since so many people now access the Internet via mobile devices, your website must look good on a variety of screen sizes, and the pages should load quickly, so don't load your site up with bloated images. It also needs to be easy to navigate and not deviate far from the norms of current website design. The content you want to emphasize should take center stage. If you use popup windows, make them pleasing to the eye and easy to close, and don't overuse them, or you'll drive visitors away.

Quality over quantity

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your content must be highly useful to your intended audience. If you just repeat information people can easily get elsewhere, your site won't be viewed as a valuable resource. But if you provide information and advice that truly helps your audience, people will return again and again. They'll refer their friends, too. In time, your site will become a popular destination, and you will become known as an authority in your niche enjoying all the benefits that status engenders.

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